Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Washington Times: Via The AP: Justin Pope: Catholic Big East Conference Offers Challenge, Opportunity

Catholic conference offers challenge, opportunity - Washington Times

When I think of Big East basketball, a think of a collection of great schools that all have very good basketball. Programs, programs that competed every year for the national championship or at least getting to the Final Four. Catholic schools like the great Georgetown and St. Johns to use as examples but also adding Notre Dame as well. And I believe Seton Hall, and other schools like Villanova, Syracuse and Providence, this was the Big East. Of the 1980s and a conference that reminded me of the NFL's NFC East division where you had great rivalries up. And down the conference, like Georgetown vs St. Johns, Georgetown vs Syracuse, Georgetown vs Villanova. St. Johns vs Syracuse and many others, this was the Big East of the 1980s and 90s but that started disappearing. In the last ten years or so especially as Big East football has almost gone away, where great Big East schools. Like West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse have all left to at least play football in other conferences.

For the Big East to get back to being that great conference again, they need to get back to football the most popular. Sport in the country with if anything college football being more popular then the NFL and instead of looking to move. Down to a smaller less important football conference, when I think of the Big East I think of the Northeast. That the Big East is the Northeast conference and thats where they should be and where they should represent. And be looking to hold the schools that they still have there but looking to expand there as well, Notre Dame. Would be a great addition to the Big East and would be a good move for Notre Dame football and give Notre Dame. A conference they could rule but where they would also get great competition every year from Cincinnati. Louisville, Pittsburgh, if Syracuse. Were to come back and there football program is coming back to being a winning program again. And get West Virginia and Pittsburgh back and look to expanding in Buffalo.

The Big East instead of trying to be everywhere from Washington to Chicago, to Miami in the South before. They left for the ACC, should be the Northeast conference where they would be the dominant conference. Of that region where they would not only have great athletic programs but more importantly great schools as well.