Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, December 16, 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1987: AFC Final Pregame Show: Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos

The 1987 AFC Final is of course remembered for what's called the fumble where Browns QB Bernie Kosar. Was putting together a great winning drive and had the Browns in position to win the game and he hands the ball. Off to RB Earnest Byner who was an excellent all around RB for both the Browns and Redskins and was. Going in for the winning score of this game and had what looked like a clear path to the end zone. But gets stripped of the ball by a Broncos defender and of course the Broncos recover the ball and win the game. The AFC championship and move on to Super Bowl 22.

But what a lot of people I'm not sure are familiar with. Is that the Broncos were down like 3-4 touchdowns at halftime and only got back into the game because. They kept giving the ball to Byner both running and receiving who had over hundred yards of total offense. In the second half alone with a couple of touchdowns in the second half to put the Browns in position. To win this game the Browns wouldn't of been in position to win without Earnest Byner. So to this loss all on Earnest Byner when the Browns would've had no shot of winning this game without him. With all of the points the Browns defense gave up in the first half and with the Browns offense. Doing almost nothing on offense in the first half, is very unfair, yes Byner should've been more careful. With the football and ran it like his life depended on him not fumbling the ball but the Browns didn't. Lose this game because of Earnest Byner because without Byner the Browns would've had not shot of even winning it. And the Broncos probably would've either held their big lead or added to it in the second half.