Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Dan Daly: After Taking Down Champs, it's Time to Take Redskins Seriously

DALY: After taking down champs, it's time to take Redskins seriously - Washington Times

Lets not get ahead of ourselves Redskins fans, me included the Redskins are still 6-6 with four games to go and. We were 3-6 three weeks ago, considering about looking at young talent and making plans for next season and evaluating players. But in the last two weeks, the Redskins have beaten two playoff caliber teams in the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. And will have a huge test against the Ravens this Sunday, a team they haven't beaten since 2000 but the Redskins now have to be taken seriously. Because they've not only shown that they can compete with good teams but that they can beat them as well, which. Is a difference between being a good team and a team thats competitive enough to play with good teams and. I believe this has all started with the Redskins defense, which of course is not one of the best in the NFL, especially missing three of their best players.

The Redskins defense has been able to limit big plays and get key stops which has bought time for the Redskins offense. That we all knew was very good from the start but now they just have to play their game and not try to win every game on their own. When the Redskins defense plays well, again they don't have to be dominant but strong against the run and limit big plays in the passing game. Which gives their pass rush an opportunity to get to the QB, which they've done all year and create takeaways. This team is not only good enough to beat any team in the league but they actually have won those games now.