Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, December 7, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Rich Campbell: Redskins vs. Ravens: 5 Questions

Redskins vs. Ravens: 5 Questions - Washington Times

Again the Redskins need to avoid a let down after winning three straight against their division rivals. The Ravens destroy teams that aren't ready to play them, with the big play offense that they have when they play their game. And their improving defense thats been getting early stops lately but the Ravens need to be prepared for the Redskins offensively and defensively. This will either be a great close game or the Redskins will control the game most of the way and win fairly easily. Sorta how the Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys a couple weeks ago, a blowout until the fourth quarter. I say that because the Ravens have been consistently inconsistent on both offense and defense in 2012 and if they play well. We'll have a great game but they can't play this game half ass, especially against the Redskins, with all the weapons they. Have on offense, not just QB Robert Griffin and their pass rush and takeaway ability and just the overall improvements. The Redskins defense has been making the last few weeks.