Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Rich Campbell: Cowboys Present Final Hurdle to Division Title For Redskins

Cowboys present final hurdle to division title for Redskins - Washington Times

As great as the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry has been in its history, it hasn't been the same for about twenty years. For the simple reason that the Redskins for the most part have been pretty mediocre and even real bad for a few. Seasons like in 2003, 1994 and 94 and the Dallas Cowboys since winning Super Bowl 30 in 1995 have been. Pretty mediocre as well and have had some real bad years also like from 2000-2002 where they lost 33 games. And as I've said before for a rivalry to be great the teams involved have to at least be good and Cowboys-Redskins. Games haven't meant that much in the last twenty years as far as determining playoff positions and whose. Going to win the NFC East but despite all of this its not as if in this time period that the Cowboys and Redskins. Haven't played each other in important games, like in the last week of the 2005 season when the Redskins. Knocked Dallas out of the playoffs and qualified for the playoffs themselves on the final week of the season at home and did it by blowing. The Cowboys out and in 2007 when the Redskins beat the Cowboys in another blowout to qualify for the Playoffs.

What this Cowboys-Redskins game this Sunday means is that its the first game in about thirty years where the. Winner of this game will win the NFC East, the Redskins are already in the playoffs but would like to win the NFC East. As well to host a wild card game in the playoffs and not have to start on the road, if the Cowboys win they'll. Win the NFC East and obviously make the playoffs but if they lose they'll be out of the playoffs so the Redskins. Have an opportunity to not only win the NFC East on Sunday but to knock their arch rivals out of the playoffs, so this should be a great game.