Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, December 24, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Via AP: David Ginsburg: Ravens Find Offense in Drubbing of New York Giants

Ravens find offense in drubbing of Giants - Washington Times

Looks like new Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell made his first positive stamp on the Ravens offense. On Sunday as the Ravens put up 33 points, QB Joe Flacco might of had his best game of the year completing. Twenty six passes for over 300 yards and RB Ray Rice had his fourth 100 yard rushing day and its not just. That these things happened that was impressive but how they happened, Joe Flacco completed passes. That maybe three other QB's could've completed yesterday, they were deep and one of them in double coverage. Where WR Torry Smith was being double teamed but Flacco completed the ball to him by throwing only where. Smith could catch it right in between the two defenders, another TD pass to I believe Torry Smith again. Where he threw the ball going away from the end zone in the corner and Smith goes up and catches it. Ray Rice had a big day running but he had big holes as well and exploded threw all of them, the Ravens. Don't lack talent on offense but they lack consistency and perhaps all they needed was a OC who knows. Exactly what type of team that he has and how best to utilize that talent to get the most out of them and perhaps Jim Caldwell figured that out Sunday.

The Ravens locked up the NFC North on Sunday and will have the fourth seed in the AFC Playoffs and will. Be hosting a wild card game so in theory they have nothing to play for Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Other then this being a big rival game no team likes losing whether they have something to play for or not. But the Ravens will have something to play for, for one knocking the Bengals out of the playoffs. But more importantly an opportunity to build off the victory against the Giants and build some momentum going into the playoffs. Instead of entering the playoffs having lost 4-5 games.