Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WWE: Clash of The Champions-11-15-1989- Ric Flair vs Terry Funk- I Quit Matc

Source: WWE: Clash of The Champions 11-15-189- Ric Flair vs Terry Funk- I Quit Match

One of the things that I always respected about The Nature Boy Ric Flair the pro wrestler is that he always took on the best. At least the best that was available to take on at the time. One of his famous lines was that "to be the man, you have to beat the man". And then you would say something like "and pal you aint it". But the first part was dead on and that is how he approached pro wrestling whether he was a contender the the World Champion. The only thing he was interested in was being the best in the pro wrestling business.

Terry Funk is the perfect example of Ric Flair's style as a pro wrestler as far as who he took on. Because when Funk was wrestling full-time in America and his head was right, he was one of the best to the point he was NWA World Heavyweight Champion at one point. He might of even beaten Ric Flair for his title. And they had a great rivalry in the 1980s. Funk was essentially a great street fighter who was big and strong and took incredible risks physically as a pro wrestler that his body paid a heavy price for and still pays that price, but he was also a great pro wrestler.

Washington Times: Sports: Stephen Whyno: MNF Clash Could Determine Redskins' Season

Monday night clash could determine Redskins' season - Washington Times

Redskins-Giants on Monday Night Football from Landover, Maryland the way it should be for this great rivalry to be played.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NFL Films: NFL 1986: 1986 Bengals Season: Week 13: Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos

The Bengals were masters at underachieving in the mid 1980s. They might of had the best all around talent of anyone in the AFC Central in this period, including the Cleveland Browns, especially on. Offense but could never come through and get into the playoffs pre 1988.

NBC Sports: NFL 1985: Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons: John Elway to Vance Johnson TD: Don Criqui With The Call

The Broncos were just starting to get pretty good in 1985

Monday, November 26, 2012

NYYankeesTV: MLB 1978: Regular Season: Cleveland Indians @ New York Yankees: AL East Divisional Race

The Cleveland Indians actually playing in an important game in 1978. An opportunity to knock the New York Yankees out of the AL East divisional race.

Friday, November 23, 2012

NFLN: Full Color Football: The History of the AFL: Wining The Peace

You want to know how the good the American Football League was, the NFL thought they had to merge with them. Because of this new competitor that they had, that was taking players away from them, that the NFL just missed, overlooked or were too bigoted to sign. And I'm talking about all of the African Americans that ended up playing in the AFL, you could've called the AFL. Short for the African Football League or the AAFL the African American Football League, because the AFL didn't. Care about race or color but were the best football players available, something that a lot of NFL teams. Overlooked in the 1960s, the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers being exceptions to this, as well as the Los Angeles Rams. The NFL knew they had to merge with the AFL or risk becoming the second best gridiron league in the World. They risked losing markets and players to the new AFL.

Thats how successful the AFL was, if you were a talented football player in the NFL in the 1960s but were being overlooked. Because perhaps you came from a small college or were a little undersize, the AFL was a viable option for you. Because they would give you a look and a chance to be successful. The NFL perhaps had not other choice but to merge with the AFL and become the best gridiron league in the World, instead of having the two bests.

Washington Times: Opinion: Dan Daly: Redskins Rising From the Ashes in Two Wins, Five Days

DALY: Redskins rising from the ashes in two wins, five days - Washington Times

Its the Redskins defense that I believe has powered this little streak, because they've been very good in the last. Two games, early and often getting big stops and taking pressure off the Redskins offense, which is very explosive. But now they don't have to feel the need to score on every possession, which means they don't have to take as many big risks. Because they know the defense can get them the ball back and know that punting won't cost them the game.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy On a Dolphin 1957

Source: Bandit Boy- Sophia Loren in Boy On A Dolphin-
Source: Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy on a Dolphin 1957

Sophia baby, as gorgeous, sexy and adorable as ever. This scene in Boy On a Dolphin, reminds me of the opening scene in Lady in Cement with Frank Sinatra that came out in 1968. Tony Rome (played by Frank) is on his boat just off the Florida coast in Miami and jumps in the water to go scuba diving and sees a young blonde woman who is lifeless with her eyes opening at the bottom of the ocean. Actually the only thing that that scene from Lady in Cement and this scene with Sophia Loren, have in common is that you have a young hot sexy women, wearing almost nothing and jumping in the water. Unlike Lady in Cement which is a very good and funny movie and it also features Raquel Welch, (worth the price of admission) Boy on a Dolphin minus Sophia doesn't look like a very good movie. "A sponge diver on a sunken ship filled with artifacts, including a priceless ancient gold statue of a boy on a dolphin." You can see how the movie got it's name and sure who doesn't want to watch Sophia Loren in a bikini in the water. (Well what straight man anyway) But that movie has been made before. And I think Sophia would be the only reason to see this movie. 

Washington Times: Sports: Thomas Floyd: Washington Part of New Women's Soccer League

D.C. part of new women's soccer league - Washington Times

Just another reason for the city of Washington to build a new downtown soccer stadium, because they could have two residents playing there.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TBN: Former Pro Wrestlers Sting and Lex Luger Talk About the Total Package's Career

The Total Package was the perfect nickname for perhaps the perfect pro wrestler in Lex Luger, because. Thats exactly what he was and I'm glad he's healthy and doing well now but the Total Package is the Lex Luger. I prefer to think of a man who back in the day was 6'5-6'6 275-280 pounds, with around 5% body fat, he had a Hulk Hogan like body. A guy who racked which how he would describe what he would do to put his opponents, what he called the Torture Chamber. Which is a back breaking submission move, where he would hoist his opponents over his shoulders standing up. People familiar with pro wrestling know exactly what I'm talking about, he beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. Back in 1997 with this move, 6'7-6'8 285 pounds at this point, not as strong as he use to be but still one of the strongest men in the World. And Lex hoisted Hulk in the back breaker in the middle of the ring to beat him for the World title back in 1997. Still one of the best matches I've ever seen as a recovering pro wrestling fan.

There's a long line of wrestlers that Lex racked, including the Big Show, whose 7'2 450-500 pounds a. Much larger man then Lex, Kevin Nash would be another one, another seven footer 310 pounds or so, thats how strong Lex. Was because as big and as strong as he was, again 6'5-6'6 275-280 pounds man all muscle, a former pro footabll defensive lineman. He was strong enough to beat anyone he wrestled and for the most part did that, no one delivered the close line or scoop power slam. Better then Lex, he could've used the scoop power slam as his finishing move if he wanted to but generally. Used that to set up the Torture Chamber, other then maybe the Undertaker, I've never seen anyone clean house better then Lex. Meaning someone able to take on multiple wrestlers, all big guys and leave the ring on top, I've seen him clean house against the Big Show, Kevin Nash. And Scott Hall before, Lex and Hall about the same size, Show and Nash a lot larger and Lex came out on top.

The Lex Luger I prefer to remember is the guy who was still wrestling before the stroke, who took on. Anyone who came his way, including guys like Scott Steiner, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Sid Vicious, Barry Windham. Ric Flair and many others all of these guys are Hall of Famers or will be in the Hall of Fame but Lex would always come out on top. Because he was the Total Package, someone who knew exactly what he had and how to get the most out of it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Washington Examiner: UMD Announces Move To Big Ten Conference

I don't like this move because the ACC was a perfect home for them and the Big Ten is a Midwest conference. And you'll see a lot of great Southeast rivalries that Maryland has going away.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FOX Sports: NFL on FOX: Packers Up, Eagles Down

I understand that Andy Reid is probably the most successful head coach and even general manager in Philadelphia Eagles. History at least since Greesy Neal which goes back to the 1940s and fifties and the Eagles probably wouldn't be able to find a better head coach right now. But the Eagles need a change and new voice and direction because they aren't responding to coach Reid right now.

FootballVideoNetwork: NBC Sports: FBS 1975: 1976 Orange Bowl: Michigan vs. Oklahoma: Jim Simpson & John Brodie With The Call

Classic matchup between two of the most historic programs in college football

Saturday, November 17, 2012

NFL Films: The AFL Unearthed: AFL Films

The AFL only helped the NFL because it made them a better league and showed them that there are a lot. More then just 14-16 markets in the country that could support major league pro football and that there. Were a lot more major league caliber players out there, that AFL brought in, especially African American players. And players from small towns and small colleges that were even at one point on an NFL team but later being cut and being picked up by the AFL.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SportsWithColman: Video: Ravens HC John Harbaugh on Steelers Game

Huge game for the Ravens because if they win it, they'll control their own destiny in winning the AFC North. And getting a first round by in the AFC Playoffs.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CNN: Dr. Cornel West- 'President Barack Obama is a Black Puppet'

Source: CNN-
Source: CNN: Dr. Cornel West- 'President Obama is a Black Puppet'

It's statements like this that make it hard for serious Democrats such as myself to name someone and others to take so-called Progressives, ( if you want to call Cornel West that. Marxist-Communists-Socialists Bastard, would be more accurate. ) even though he's so far-left and irresponsible at times with statements like this, Progressive might not be the right word for him. Perhaps political entertainers, or satirist, escaped mental patient, drug addict, these are the right terms for people that you shouldn't take seriously. That if they tell you its's sunny in Miami, Florida even in the summer, you might want to see a Miami weather report first before you take that seriously.

Dr. West seems to have this idea that unless African-Americans are either as far to the left and as socialist as him or they aren't even really as African-American as him. Even if their complexion is darker than Dr. West's which is crazy. The African-American community is not monolithic politically. You have the Cornel West's and other Democratic Socialists of the world, Representative Maxine Waters would be another and than you have leftists like Like Reverend Jesse Jackson, Representative John Lewis and others who share Dr. West's political goals, but are more careful with what they say politically and can speak to a broader audience.

Cornel West is not a problem solver but a movement mover, more interested in keeping a movement alive rather than advancing the cause of the movement with real policy achievements and problem- solving policies. I sort of hate to put it this way, but Dr. West is sort of like like the Jesse Helms of the left and even far-left, someone more interested in advancing a cause and keeping a movement alive, rather than having policy achievements and objectives they can point to.

Monday, November 12, 2012

BIO-TV: Serial Killer Hitman Richard Kuklinski- The Iceman

Source: Biography- Convicted Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski-
Source: BIO-TV: Serial Killer Hitman Richard Kuklinski- The Iceman

The Iceman is the pefect nickname for mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski because thats exactly what he was. Cold-blooded who could kill people with absolutely no feeling of what he was doing one way or the other. Other than completing the task at hand and someone like that has no business ever living on the streets again. I don't like referring to human beings as animals (even if I don't want to use the word asshole) but if you were to call someone an animal, The Iceman would be towards the top of the list. Big powerful strongman who didn't have much if any care for anyone's life other than his own.

Kuklinski's job as he saw it was to stay alive and live as comfortably as he could. And killing came naturally to him and was something he was excellent at as far as all the murders he pulled off even if did kill some bad people who society would be better off having those people as dead. But we have the death penalty in America for people like Richard Kuklinski. People who have no care for anyone else's life other than their own, who actually get pleasure in taking someone else's life even if that person is also bad, and who are a real threat to murder again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gata Bella-ABC News: Barbara Walters 1990 Interview of Sophia Loren

Source: Gata Bella-
Source: Gata Bella-ABC News: Barbara Walters 1990 Interview of Sophia Loren

Just look at Sophia Loren at this point in 1990. She is around fifty-six at this point and Barbara Walters looking very cute as always too, but Sophia Loren still a goddess at this point and looking great. And if you look at how she started out in Italy born in 1934 under the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and how poor she and her family were in Italy and during a war-time and not worrying about how they were going to eat everyday and would they not have a place to live and everything else that comes from the hell of extreme poverty and then what she made of herself, it is an incredible life. That seems to of only of come out of Hollywood.

Sophia goes from extreme poverty war-torn Italy under a horrible dictatorship, to Italian and Hollywood goddess within less than twenty-years. Who else could’ve accomplished this and accomplish everything that she has to being one of if not the top Hollywood goddess's of all-time and one of the best actress’s, singers, perhaps even comedians who has ever lived. And all of this coming after the hellish start that she had in life, where she has a father that she almost didn’t know at all and had a mother who lived through hell as well.

Fox Sports: Video: Week 9 Recap: RG3 vs Superman

Robert Griffin not so superman right now

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gata Bella: Sophia Loren, The Goddess

Source: Gata Bella-
Source: Gata Bella: Sophia Loren- The Goddess

When I think of goddess’s Sophia Loren is in the top one-percent of all-time and if not number one all-time, you can certainly see number one from where she is. And yes a big part of what makes Sophia a goddess is physical with the hot baby-face, the tall curvy athletic voice, the incredible feminine native-Italian voice. The way she moves, the way she sings, the way she talks. The way she presented herself and the fact that she knew she had all of these incredible physical attributes. So she has all of this going on for her, with women who see her and are always jealous of her. But in Sophia’s case, we’re talking about someone who is a great singer and a great actress. Who also just happens to be one of if not the best looking women of all-time. So we are not talking about a bimbo, someone who is great to look at and perhaps jump in the sack with. But with the guy wanting to get away from her as soon as possible before his wife or girlfriend or finds out. But also because mentally the bimbo does nothing for him mentally, other than someone to make fun of. Sophia is a goddess, physically, professionally and mentally.

Fanciulla Kaestner: Sophia Loren's Mambo Italiano

Source: Fanciulla Kaestner- Sophia Loren-
Source: Fanciulla Kaestner: Sophia Loren's Mambo Italiano

The best looking Italian women of all-time, whether she’s from Italy, America or anywhere else. As one of the top 1% of best looking women of all-time, who can act, sing and make you laugh. If you watch this video, you can see that Hollywood knew how to use Sophia and how to get the most out of her and she knew who she was and how to get the best out of herself. You have this freakin Italian goddess with the look, with the great face, body, height, voice, personality and everything else. And they knew that and she knew that as well and they both knew how to use her and how to play her.
You see her in her movies and she’s generally playing someone who can sing and dance and that with the great personality, who can also make you laugh. And you see her dancing with great actors, two of the best ever and perhaps the two best ever in Cary Grant and Marlin Brando. Who she must have been a pleasure for them to work with, let alone dance with. And those movies that she was in, were always bringing that out in her. She was one actress and entertainer that Hollywood knew what they were getting and how best to take advantage of all of her qualities and get the most out of her.

WNST-Radio: Video: Ravens Safety Ed Reed says Red Zone Defense Was Key

The Ravens defense kept the Cleveland Browns out of the end zone the whole game

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HBO: The Buzz- Ethel Premiere- The Life of Ethel Kennedy

Source: HBO- Ethel Kennedy-
Source: HBO: The Buzz- Ethel Premiere

This is a documentary about Ethel Kennedy who of course was the wife of former U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Senator from New York Robert F. Kennedy. As well as the sister in-law of President John F. Kennedy and sister in-law of U.S. Senator from MassachusettsTed Kennedy. Who is now in her late eighties and still reasonable healthy and has survived her husband by over forty years.

Not as high profiled as former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who after she left the White House due to her husband's assassination in 1963 because a New York celebrity in the fashion on journalism scene. Ethel has been more laid back and has stayed away from the spotlight and has been more of a behind the scenes figure in the Kennedy Family and their political dynasty. And has done work fundraising for her family when they've run for office and has raised money for other causes. She was critical to her husband's political success in the 1960s as far as offering advice and keeping his strength up, but not as public as a figure.