Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bob Parker: Video: CBS News: President Reagan Shot Assassination Attempt

A very scary time for the country, someone coming close to assassinating the President of the United States.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vinicius Vieira: Rescue Me Theme Song- C'Mon C'Mon

Source: Vinicius Vieira-
Source: Vinicius Vieira: Rescue Me- Theme Song

I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of Rescue Me which came out less than three years after 9/11 in I believe the summer of 2004. Dennis Leary and his partners wanted a show about the New York City Fire and Rescue Squad as a tribute to the New York heroes that rescued a lot of people during 9/11. And that is really about what this show is about the NYC fireman and the life that he lives and the job that he has. As well as several other characters on the show. Not that Rescue is a bad show, but I believe the thing that sticks out about it is the theme song from The Von Bondies. C’Mon C’Mon which I first heard in a movie theater the same summer that Rescue Me came out. And the theme song and the whole intro of the show the credits and everything will at least get me to see the first scene of the show. Because it really gets me going and wanting to see more.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

ABC Sports: MNF: NFL 1987: New England Patriots @ New York Jets: Al, Frank and Dan With The Call: 9/21/1987

One of the best rivalries in the AFC but both the Patriots and Jets were going downhill at this point.

Raiders247Football: NBC Sports: NFL 1982: AFC Divisional: New York Jets @ Los Angles Raiders: 2nd Half: Dick Engberg And Merlin Olsen With The Call

Had the Raiders won this game, they would've had an opportunity to win back to back Super Bowls in 1982 and 83. Because they probably would've beaten the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Final and gone on to Super Bowl 17.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Maryland Democrats: Raymond Massey For Barry Goldwater- 1964 TV Spot

Source: Maryland Democrats-
Source: Maryland Democrats: Raymond Massey For Barry Goldwater- 1964 TV Spot

What apparently Raymond Massey wasn’t aware of is that Senator Goldwater was in favor of a full-out war against North Vietnam. And doing what it took to win that war and secure that country for the democrats in the South to govern a United Democratic Vietnam. President Lyndon Johnson was the so-called peace candidate in the 1964 presidential election. Even though President Johnson escalated the Vietnam War by getting America completely involved and in the war. And doing a lot of the fighting and supplying the resources to South Vietnam and ourselves to fight and end this war. The so-called Tet Offensive of 1965 put America not only in this civil war in Vietnam. But with a lot of if not most of the responsibility for winning this war. And trying to prevent Vietnam from going communist. Which it did anyway by 1975-76.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

NFL Films: The Super Seventies: The Super Teams

I'm not saying the 1970s in the NFL was perfect because it wasn't the rules did favor the defense too much. Which is why they were changed in 1978, something like half of the teams in the NFL in 1977 scored under 300 points. And the leading receiver and I believe rusher in 1977 rushed for under 1000 yards back when that was the standard to judge great running backs. The new blocking rules in 1978 that allowed blocker to extend their arms in blocking was needed. And we saw fewer QB sacks in bigger running holes as a result because the the DL no longer had an unfair. Advantage over the OL but the 1970s was special because it was all about football and real football. The game was tougher and players could play instead of the league going out of its way to protect. Offensive players as it does now, what should've come from 1978 and should be done now. Is that neither the offense or defense would have an advantage based on the rules that the players would. Be allowed to play and flags won't be thrown unless players have an unfair advantage like holding. Or pushing someone down who doesn't have the ball or tackling someone before they have the ball. Just let the players play instead.

What todays NFL can learn from the 1970s is that they should allow the players to play and fight for position. As long as they aren't actually fighting and let games be decided based on who has the tougher and better team. Instead of constantly looking to see how we can get more offense and more advantage for the offense. Because they think that would drive up ratings and revenue for the league but just let the players play. And let the better teams win.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kansas City Local TV: MISL Soccer in Kansas City But No National TV

One of the problems that the MISL has had is a lack on TV exposure both national and local. And is something that they are going to have to address to be successful in the future.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Washington Times Sports: Via AP: David Ginsburg: Baltimore Against The World: Ravens Glad To Be Underdogs

Baltimore against the world: Ravens glad to be underdogs - Washington Times

It doesn't matter how many people think you'll win or can win when you have the better team and know you should win the game. Which is the position the Ravens are in as they go up against New England to pay for the AFC Championship.