Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book-TV: Francis Fukuyama- On American Neoconservatism

Source- Book-TV-
Source: Book-TV: Francis Fukuyama- On American Neoconservatism

Just to let you know I separate mainstream right wingers from the Far-Right. That yes center-rightists and far-rightists are both on the right wing of the American political spectrum. But classical conservatism is the mainstream right wing political philosophy in America. And I see ethane-nationalism and right wing tribalism, as part of the Far-Right in America. And I'll explain what I mean by this in this post and explain why they are different.

I guess the popular definition of American neoconservatism is that Democracy should be promoted around the world. And that the goal of the United States should be to eliminate authoritarian regimes around the world. And that the military should be the main tool to accomplish this and that we should even do these things unilaterally if necessary. I would go further with that and say that Neoconservatives believe that the strength of our national defense should be viewed based on how much we spend on it. And security of the state meaning country should be paramount and not just as it relates to national security. But our moral fiber and national morality and so-forth even if that means we need to restrict individual freedom, to use as examples. Neoconservatives are typically in favor of the Iraq War, but don't have much respect for Libertarians or Conservatives.

Neoconservatives don't tend to have much respect for the Ron Paul's of the world who believe in a high degree of individual freedom across the board. As long as we aren't hurting innocent people, that we shouldn't have have national standards for individual behavior. Instead of allowing individuals to live their lives. Neoconservatives what's the best for the nation as a whole. And that government has a role to not only only protect people but at times even protect people from themselves. Even if that means restricting individual freedom. Which is how we get things like the Patriot Act and indefinite detention where a good case can be made that both are unconstitutional. Because they violate the right to privacy and a fair speedy trial, but these two laws are both neoconservative policies that put security over freedom in this country. Or gay-marriage bans or pornography bans because Neoconservatives and the Religious-Right in America, see these activities as violating our national morality and moral code.

The main differences I see between Conservatives and Neoconservatives, is that Conservatives believes in freedom and that the main job of government is to protect our freedom. And that means having a certain level of security, but that we can't have freedom without security. That we need both to balance each other out to make them as effective as possible. Whereas Neoconservatives tend to believe in a certain level of freedom, they aren't Communists. But they certainly have a certain level of statism in their philosophy. Believe that security and national morality always has to be paramount and that it's more important then freedom itself.