Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AEI: Opinion- Jonah Goldberg: Leave Liberal Hollywood to The Liberals

Source: Baltimore Sun-
Source: AEI: Opinion- Jonah Goldberg: Leve Liberal Hollywood To The Liberals

Is Hollywood overwhelmingly what I would call Leftist (which is different from Liberal) who are part of American Leftism, but not the only Leftists in America. Yes, the majority of Hollywood is Leftist so of course you are going to see a lot of programming that American Leftists like and prefer. But Hollywood is made up of capitalists and are as pro-capitalism as anyone in America. And use American capitalism to make money in this country.

We are not talking Socialist-Leftists running Hollywood. And you also hear Social Democrats in this country, the Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky's of the world, who criticize Hollywood capitalism and corporatism. Because of all of the money they make and the fact they are as skillful at avoiding taxes and maximizing profits as well as the oil companies. Companies that American Rightists tend to support and because of this Hollywood tends to be profitable.

Hollywood simply has to make money and produce entertainment that Americans will watch and buy. And they have to represent the views and programming that the majority of Americans are interested in seeing. So if you want to blame Hollywood for being so Leftist or Liberal, you should look at the country as a whole that watches and likes their entertainment. Because its not as if Hollywood is producing entertainment that only a fringe of Americans or small minority are interested in or agrees with.

Otherwise Hollywood wouldn't make much money from their entertainment. And again, what is Hollywood in the business of doing like the oil companies and other American corporations, to make money and be as profitable as possible. And they use and take advantage of the American capitalist system and everything it as to offer about as well as anyone. And support candidates, Democrats generally who support their views and won't get in their way to make a good living.

As much as the Michael Moore's and Alec Baldwin's of the World may put down American capitalism and our economic system, the Jane Fonda's from back in the day, they are really fake Socialists. True Socialists unless they're dictators running their own countries, tend not to be very wealthy. Because what they do for a living which is political activism, unless they sell a lot pf articles and books, tend not to be very wealthy. Especially if they really are Socialists and just donate most of the wealth that they obtain in life to their favorite charity, which is probably Uncle Sam.

Hollywood Leftists, fake Socialists and true Liberals,  both utilized everything that they have to offer so they can be as profitable as possible and raise as much money as possible. To live the comfortable lifestyle they want for them and their families, but also to raise the money for the movies they want to make. And bring attention to the issues that they are interested in.
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