Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cwbands: RBG Video: The 1971 Attica Riot and What And How it Came About

I look at the 1971 Attica riot as an example of and a consequence of what can happen when you boil or overcook something so long. That it explodes and creates a huge mess which is exactly what happened in the 1971 Attica prison riot. And goes to the other problem of poverty in America that leads to all of these people going to prison. Because they didn't have much of a shot at being successful and productive life legally because they didn't have much of a shot. At life in the beginning so they end up dropping out of some school that wasn't giving them much of a shot at succeeding in life. Which is a bad decision on their part but explains the bad decision making on their part though and I'm not excusing the actions that inmates make. That leads to them ending up, in prison but explaining what leads to them to making these bad decisions. But poverty in this country and the lack of access to a quality education is at most half of the problem. The other problem has to do with how we treat people who end up in prison and have to be there for the good. And protection of society but in some cases for their own good as well.

So we don't have an education system that provides enough educational and economic opportunity for enough people in this country. But we also don't have a very good correctional system if you want to call it that but for the most part we have a prison or warehouse system instead. Where we house people so they can't commit further crimes in society at least until they get out of prison. And for the most part American inmates at some point are released from prison and if they are still in the same shape that they were in. Or worse and have become better or more violent criminals, chances are they'll end up back in prison and for worst. Offenses as well because something like 2/3 or 7-10 inmates in this country end up back in prison. And Attica prison in the late 1960s and early 1970s is a perfect example of that where they were. Stuck with awful food if you want to call it that, lack of healthcare, educational and vocational opportunities.

In some ways the Attica riot was almost necessary, not the innocent people who got hurt. But there needed to be attention brought to the conditions of how we treat some of our inmates. In this country and not that inmates should enjoy being in prison and want to comeback but that. They need to be treated humanely and not like animals with the opportunity to be productive and make a good life for themselves legally once they are out of prison.