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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Film Archives: Video: Alternative Views: 1990: The History of Far-Right Authoritarianism in America

I'm going to separate Conservatives right wingers from the far-right in America. Because they are almost completely different, Conservatives are Democratic and believe in Democracy. Even at times speak in favor of Liberal-Democracy, where as the far-right in America are. Authoritarians and Statists and a coalition small but loud made up of Neoconservatives, Theocrats and Nazi's.

This post is about the far-right in America and I'm going to concentrate on the far-right, Theocrats mainly and how they came about. The religious-right in America has probably always been around and were originally part of the Klu Klux Klan. Or the KKK has its elements that the religious-right came from and the religious-right in America. Basically emerged politically in America as a powerful coalition as a response to the 1960s. And what they called an invasion of Liberalism and social freedom throughout America as all sorts of groups in America. Emerged with new power and freedom, African Americas, women, homosexuals and Latin Americans. The labor and environmental movement, the antiwar movement, the baby boom generation and others. And they saw all of these groups as a threat to the Neoconservative way of life. Where all families have two parents living together, dad worked, mom stayed at home and raised the kids. But with dad making most of the decisions. African Americans almost without any power. Homosexuals in the closet, pornography, sex before marriage, adultery, unmarried couples living together. All considered immoral and so fourth.

By the mid to late 1960s before the religious-right became a force in America. They were basically left without a political party as the Democratic Party became more Liberal on. Civil rights and Richard Nixon being the brilliant politician that he was knowing that the. Republican Party was simply too small to compete with Democrats nationally. Brought Theocrats what I call the religious-right into the Republican Party and started working the South. To expand the Republican coalition which is how he was able to be elected President. And basically ran against the Liberal 1960s and these Southern Christian-Theocrats came into the. Republican Party in a big way to the point by the 1980s Republicans pretty much owned the South. Or at least were able to compete with Democrats into the South as long as they appeal to. These Christian-Theocrats and thats how the political party spectrum was switched around in. America with Democrats controlling the Northeast and West Coast and Republicans controlling the South.

The religious-right in America basically emerged in the mid and late 1960s in response to what they saw. As out of control Liberalism and freedom in America and saw what they see as traditional America. Being under attacked and what they saw as their religious freedom which at times is basically just bigotry against groups they disagree with. As under attacked and grew throughout the 1970s, a major force by the late 1970s to the point that national Republicans. Couldn't win without them.