Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, February 18, 2013

OraTV: Video: Sports: Newsbreaker With David Bignaud: LA Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Dies at 80 Years Old

Jerry Buss had cancer so he was dying so this isn't surprising but the loss to the National Basketball Association and pro sports in general. Is just as great because Dr. Buss set the standard I believe for how pro sports franchises are to be run. That its the job of the Chief Executive of the organization the Governor to lead the organization but its also the job of. The Chief Executive to hire good people around him and not to try to do their jobs for them. Something George Steinbrenner didn't learn until the early 1990s after the New York Yankees were actually. Struggling and no longer making the AL Playoffs but not even contending for the AL East and actually having losing records. Something they hadn't experienced before Mr. Steinbrenner took over the Yankees in the early 1970s. That the Chief Executive runs the organization and sets the vision for what he expects from his organization.

The most important job of a Chief Executive is to hire good people who know what they are doing and let them do their jobs. And once they aren't doing their jobs to the level that you set, then maybe you step in and find new people to do those jobs. And the perfect example of this is the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s where Dr. Buss has Jerry West as his General Manager. And West hires Pat Riley both former Lakers as the Head Coach. Dr. Buss didn't tell Jerry what players to sign and keep or who to trade for but left that up to Jerry to make those decisions. And I'm sure Jerry kept Dr. Buss up to date and Dr. Buss was in on how much those players were being paid and so fourth. But Jerry built the team that he and Pat Riley agreed that the Lakers should have after consulting Dr. Buss and what the Lakers of the 1980s should look like. And Dr. Buss didn't tell Pat Riley what plays to call on offense and what defenses to play either. Or who to play and how much but left that up to Coach Riley to make those decision.

A good Chief Executive is an architect or of an organization and lays out the vision of the organization should look like and what they expect from it. But then hires a good Executive Producer like a Jerry West and a good Director like a Pat Riley. And then lets them do their jobs and they keep the Chief Executive up to date on the status of their parts of the. Organization that they run instead of trying to do everyones job for them. Which is what Dr. Buss brought to the Lakers and why they are as successful as they are today.