Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, March 4, 2013

The NBA History: Video: 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers: The Dynasty Continues

The 1987 Los Angeles Lakers are a special team for me because I became a Lakers fan almost as soon as I became an NBA fan. In the mid 1980s even though I grew around Washington watching the Bullets growing up they were a very mediocre team. Where just making the NBA Playoffs was a good season for them but I saw the Lakers first in 1983 or 84 and I not only knew they were. Very good but they played a type of basketball that I love thats up and down but based on the ability to play great defense and rebounding. Which how all of those fast breaks started but a team that was also a very good half court team. With Earvin Johnson at point guard and then of course Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy in the post. And thats exactly what the 1987 Lakers were, just with Kareem older but with Magic and big game James better. And with the emergence of power forward AC Green just making the fast break even better and their defense quicker as. Well with AC Green strong enough to defend the power forward but also quick enough to defend big small forwards. Who score in the post like Mark Aguirre, Larry Bird and others.

The 1987 Lakers are at least the best basketball team in my lifetime. Because they had everything that teams need to be great. Loaded at talent, as well as athletic ability, intelligence, three franchise players in Kareem, Magic and James. But with also great role players like Byron Scott who was also capable of scoring twenty points as well as being a very. Good defensive player and then you had Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper and Kurt Rambis off the bench. Three players who could start for most teams in the league who could all play at least two positions as well. Other people are going to say that the 1996 Chicago Bulls, or 1993 Bulls or 1986 Boston Celtics or 1983 Philadelphia 76ers. All great teams are the best team of all time but the Lakers had Kareem, Magic, James and then of course Pat Riley as their head coach. You put that entire package together and you are not going to find another team. That were as great both on offense and defense and had great franchise players but a supporting cast as well.

The Showtime Lakers of course won another NBA Finals in 1988 in one of the best Finals of all time against the Detroit Pistons. But the 1987 Lakers were even more special and basically just blew way the Western Conference to get to the NBA Finals. Where the 1988 Lakers had more of a struggle to get there and weren't as dominant as the 1987 Lakers.