Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Washington Times: Sports: Stephen Whyno: Capitals Ready to Build off of Momentum After Beating the Boston Bruins

Confident Capitals see opportunity ahead after comeback victory - Washington Times

The question about the 2013 Capitals is not about talent or even coaching. They know what they have and know they have a very good team at least on paper and why they play their game. Can play with a beat any team in the NHL at home or on the road. The question is more about chemistry and getting the whole team on the same page and all facets of the team playing their game at the same time. And I think that starts with defense because they have the weapons to score against anyone. But they've been giving up way too many shots and scoring opportunities and as a result the goaltending has been a little shaky as well. If the Capitals protect goaltender Brandon Holtby and not give up so many shots, all he has to do is his job and not have. To be anyone special and the Capitals know he can be a good goaltender but when you are consistently giving up 40-50 shots per game. Unless you are Patrick Roy or someone like that in their prime. You are going to give up your share of goals and allow in a few cheap ones as well.