Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tru-TV: Lizard Lick Towing- No One Calls Amy A Bitch

Source: Tru-TV
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I don’t watch this show from very often. But it is pretty funny and sort of represents every single stereotype that Yankees and people who live in big cities and urban areas in general have of country folk lets say, Rednecks even. The people who work at Lizard Lick Towing in North Carolina are fairly intelligent, at least the owners Ron and Amy Shirley. But a lot of the people they deal with who just got their vehicles and other property towed because they didn’t pay their bills on them look like, frankly stereotypical country bumpkin dipshit hicks. Who believe they live under different rules as everyone else and don’t have to do such inconvenient things like paying their bills on their cars and trucks. And that is what you see in this scene.
Tru-TV: Lizard Lick Towing- No One Calls Amy a Bitch

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tenn Fan 76: Video: The Steel Curtain Steelers: The Steelers Become Champions Again

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What made the Pittsburgh Steelers of the late 1970s even better than the Steelers of the mid 1970s, was the rule changes on offense in the NFL in 1978. That improved the blocking and opened up the running and passing games on offense. And opened up the passing game also with the illegal contact rule that allowed for WR’s to be able to get off of the line of scrimmage and run their patterns. 
Before the rule changes the Steelers were a power run ball control offense. That would rely on their Steel Curtain defense to set up great field position for them and get them takeaways. And when defenses tried to take their running game away by stacking the line of scrimmage, the Steelers also had deep threats in the passing game with WR’s John Stallworth and Lynn Swann and QB Terry Bradshaw. 
Bradshaw being one of the best deep passing QB’s of all-time, but with the rule changes on offense the Steelers had to find more ways to score and to be able to score more points. As we saw in Super Bowl 13 against the Dallas Cowboys and Super 14 against the Los Angeles Rams. The 1978 rule changes on offense in the NFL opened up the Steelers offense and made them a vertical passing and power running team, to go with their great defense.

Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1985-1/13-Cleveland Force @ Pittsburgh Spirit: Highlights

The Force-Spirit rivalry was one of the better rivalries in the MISL. And had the MISL knew anything about marketing then and now, they would’ve done a good job at marketing this rivalry especially in North Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, the areas that the Force and Spirit represented respectfully. Indoor soccer is a perfect sport for America and American sports fans, because it is so fast paced and up in down. With the rules not really benefiting either the offense or defense. Which is how classic American sports fans like it. There is a lot more scoring in arena soccer or futsal than in soccer itself. But that is because the playing fields are smaller and the rules don’t favor either side. Unlike in soccer where the rules are designed to keep scoring down and as a result it is a more defensive game. But for whatever reasons arena soccer has never really caught on in America. Even though it is an American sport designed for American sports fans.

Joey Teefizz: Video: MISL 1984: St. Louis Steamers at Phoenix Pride: 12-29-83

St. Louis is a great market for the MISL and I believe it would work in Phoenix as well.

Steelers Journey: Video: NFL Films: 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers: The Return Of The Champions

What made the Steelers different in the late 1970s from the mid 1970s is that their offense changed when the rules. Changed in 1978 to improve the blocking and put in the illegal contact rule so WR's could get off of the line of scrimmage. In the mid 1970s they were a defensive club that relied on their defense to get them great field position and get them takeaway's. With a power run ball control offense and deep threats in the passing game with John Stallworth and Lynn Swann at WR. When defenses stacked the line of scrimmage to take away the running game. That type of offense was no longer good enough with the new rule changes to open up the passing and running game. Even with the Steel Curtain defense the Steelers had to find more ways to score and score more often as we saw in Super Bowls 13 and 14 against the. Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams. And Terry Bradshaw emerging as the best QB in the league and best big game QB in the league made the Steelers great on offense as well.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jimm Magnet: NFL Films: NFL 1973-Super Bowl 8-Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins: Highlights

Had the Vikings offense just been able to move the ball at all in these Super Bowls, these games would’ve been different because the Vikings defense played well enough for them to win these games. For the most part but their offense didn’t give much if any help. The 1970s Vikings get stereotyped a defensive first, conservative offense second team. But they were pretty good in the offense as well, with a great quarterback in Fran Tarkenton, great running back in Chuck Formean, Pro Bowl receivers in Sammy White and John Gilliam, later Ahmad Rashad. They had very good talent on both sides of the ball, but in their Super Bowls they were simply overmatched upfront. And never established a running game in each of these Super Bowls. And had trouble stopping the run as well.

CBS Sports: Video: NFL 1973: Super Bowl 8: Minnesota Vikings vs Miami Dolphins

Had the Vikings just been able to move the ball in these Super Bowls. These games would've been different because their defense played well enough for them to win.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NFL Films: The Denver Broncos- From 1974-76

The Denver Broncos were pretty good in the mid 1970s, but happened to play in the same division as the Oakland Raiders. When they were going after their first Super Bowl championship.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Daily Telegraph: The Making of Margaret: Making Conservatism Mainstream in a Socialist State

The Iron Lady
The Daily Telegraph: The Making of Margaret: Making Conservatism Mainstream in a Socialist State

Margaret Thatcher, in some ways was very lucky because she arrived on the seen as first Leader of The Opposition in the United Kingdom in the mid 1970s. And then of course Prime Minister in 1979 at the perfect time when Britain was down and when socialism was not working and when the British were looking for a different message. Not so much different from what the United States was going through in the late 1970s. And Ronald Reagan came onto the scene.

Margaret Thatcher, didn’t set out to destroy Socialism, but empower Brits to have the freedom to take care of themselves and take on more responsibility in governing their own lives. And handing more power down from the central government in Britain to the British people themselves. Maggie Thatcher, coming to power in Britain was truly a Conservative Revolution from when the Socialists in the Labour Party had all the power in Britain. To a time where there was a new message in Britain. That was conservative and getting government out of the business of running people’s lives.

I believe Maggie Thatcher, would be called a Northeastern, or Bob Dole even Conservative Republican in America. Someone who was in favor of having a public safety net. But that it wasn’t the job of government to take care of physically and mentally able people for their entire lives. To help people who truly need it, but to help them help themselves. To put physically and mentally able people to work. Help people who are out of work get back to work, or go to work for the first time in their lives. As well as move Britain away from Marxist state economics and create a larger private sector in Britain.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tania Ayde: Bugsy Siegel and The Flamingo Hotel

Source: Tania Ayde-
Source: Tania Ayde: Bugsy Siegel and The Flamingo Hotel

Benjamin Bugsy Siegel was an interesting mobster. Italian, Irish or in Bugsy’s case Jewish, because he could’ve been anything he wanted to be. Because of his intelligence and charm. But because he lacked basic discipline and patience he went very far, but in a short time. But was only around for a short time. Being killed by the mob leadership in his early forties after being killed in his Los Angeles home. By perhaps both the Italian and Jewish mafia’s and their leaderships. If you’re familiar with the film Bugsy from 1991, where Warren Beatty plays Bugsy Siegel, according to the film Bugsy’s bosses fly him back to Los Angeles from some supposed meeting. But the only meeting that Bugsy went to was his assassination.

After the mob leadership decided that Bugsy was no longer worth the investment with all the money Bugsy spent to build the Las Vegas casinos and that even though Bugsy was very effective as a hitman for the Italian and Jewish mafias, as well as an enforcer, he was no longer worth the investment. Because of how bad a businessman he was. And that he needed to be taken out before he cost his bosses more money. Bugsy again many good personal qualities about him. (Even for a murderer) But he lacked discipline and realism. He was too idealistic and too much of a dreamer, to survive as a mobster long-term. Whether you like it or not the Jewish and Italian Mafias’s, were business’s and didn’t want to associate with people who lost them money. Which is how they say Busgy in the end.

The mafia were worried that Bugsy would end up in prison or talking to police, or whatever. That he was too big of a gamble (even in Las Vegas) for them and needed to be dealt with. But without Bugsy Benjamin Siegel and Jimmy Hoffa, Las Vegas is not what it is today. A big vibrant city that it is in the Southwest and the entertainment capital of America. That is just a half-hour flight from Los Angeles. Where Americans all over the country go to everyday to have a good time. You take the criminal mindset away from Ben Siegel and you also discipline him without losing his imagination and vision, which is what created the Las Vegas that we know today and I think we’re talking about a brilliant businessman. But of course we’ll never know that.

NBC Sports: Video: NFL 1986: AFC Final: Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns: Full Game

One of the best AFC Championship games of all time and another playoff game that the Browns should've won. Being a better all around team then the Broncos on both sides of the ball and a team that was physically built to play in the NFC rather then the AFC. That was smaller and quicker conference and got run over by the NFC teams in the Super Bowls from 1984-96.

Friday, April 5, 2013

John Mongani: Video: NFL Films: NFL 1980-AFC Divisional-Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns: Last Drive

The Cleveland Browns of the late 1970s early 1980s were called the Cardiac Kids for a good reason. They trailed late in games a lot and many times by two scores and would have to either score once very quickly to win, or have to score twice with like five minutes left in the game. Their defense was not horrible and perhaps not even bad, but certainly not dominant which is what it became under Marty Shottenheimer in the mid and late 1980s. And as a result would get into shootouts and when they play good teams with good defenses, would fall behind late and have to make great comebacks to win. The 1980 Raiders were a very good if not great all around football team. That could score a lot of points and simply shut teams downs. As they did in the AFC Playoffs and in the Super Bowl that season. The Browns were simply beaten by a better all around football team.

CBS Sports: Video: NBA 1979: Los Angeles Lakers @ Philadelphia 76ers

These two teams played three great NBA Finals against each other in the 1980s

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cleveland Brown: Video: NFL 1986, Cleveland Browns Highlights

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The three best teams in the NFL in 1986 were the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns. The Giants clearly deserved to be number having won the Super Bowl that year and were the most consistent team in the NFL in 1986. The question is who would be number two? The Redskins or Browns and no Denver Broncos aren’t in the top three even though they won the AFC and played in the Super Bowl and beat both the Browns and Redskins that year. The Redskins and Browns simply had better teams, better personal and better records. The Broncos won enough to get to the Super Bowl. And a lot of that credit goes to their head coach Dan Reeves. But the Browns of this era were an NFC caliber and style team as far as physical strength toughness and speed on both sides of the ball. But simply didn’t win the games they needed to, to play in the Super Bowl. The two AFC Final’s they lost in 86 and 87. When they had the best team in both games.

CBS Sports: Video: NBA 1980-NBA Finals-Game 5-Philadelphia 76ers @ Los Angeles Lakers: The Doctor vs Kareem

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Post on WordPress

I think Rod Hundley has the most interesting comment in this video. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes down with the ankle injury and he says he doesn’t believe that Lakers can beat the 76ers without Kareem. Well of course that is exactly what the Lakers did in game 6. They beat the 76ers without Kareem who was home with the ankle injury. 6’9 Magic Johnson, whose a point guard normally, filled in for Kareem at center. And the Lakers win that game to clinch the 1980 NBA Finals. Now no one including Hot Rod knew how great of a player that Magic was at this point. And I’m not sure Magic did either, in defense of Hot Rod.

As far as this game, the 76ers had no one who could defend Kareem. And most of the NBA didn’t either in 1980. And this Lakers team had so much talent around Kareem, including Magic, but Jamal Wilkes, Norm Nixon and others, that if you paid a lot of attention to Kareem, Kareem would set up his other teammates the whole game and the other players would’ve beaten the 76ers. The Lakers didn’t have anyone who could stop Julius Erving, but they had two or three guys who could cover The Doctor in stretches and make him work for his points. Jamal Wilkes, Michael Cooper and Magic, at different points of the game.

This was a great finals for several reasons. The two best players in the game at that time, Kareem and The Doctor. The two best teams in the league, 76ers and Lakers. And they both matched up well with each other. They had to cover each other and could make the other team work on offense and defense. Without any real weakness’s on other team. Other than the 76ers not having true quality starting center who played both ends of the court real well. Caldwell Jones was primarily a shot blocker and rebounder. Darryl Dawkins was primarily a scorer, but who wasn’t very consistent there. And that was the difference with Kareem being able to dominate either of the 76ers centers.

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