Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, August 22, 2013

National Review: Meet the Press- Ana Navarro to U.S. Representative Steve King: 'Get Therapy'

Source: The Raw Story- GOP political strategist Anna  Navarro-
Source: FreeState Plus

The more Representative Steve King talks about immigration, the worst off Tea Party Nationalist Republicans and people with mental issues look in America. And perhaps people who smoke too much pot or drink too much and are struggling to keep a strong base with reality. By trying to make Latino immigrants look like invaders or something that are Un-American and do not deserve to be in America. And as a result the better the chances for immigration reform in America because of how loony these Tea Party Nats look.

And the more Republicans who are interested in immigration reform listen to people about it who are not on the Far-Right in the GOP or the rest of the country, the better the chances of immigration reform in America. As you see in this video with Ana Navarro who is a GOP political strategist, who works for Republicans, (naturally) and Representative Steve King, who if he wasn’t in the U.S. House, would probably be a mental patient somewhere. What you see is Ana Navaro in touch with immigration and what needs to be done. With Representative King doing nothing, but repeating Far-Right talking points.
National Review: Meet The Press- Ana Navarro To U.S. Representative Steve King: 'Get Therapy'