Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 29, 2013

B Ball Kingdom: Video: NBA 1985: The Story of the 1985 NBA Season: The Los Angeles Lakers Return to Glory

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The highlight I guess depending on your perspective of the 1985 NBA season, was the Los Angeles Lakers doing what they should’ve done in 1984, but let too many opportunities get away, which was to beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. But there were a lot of other highlights as well like Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon playing their rookie seasons. And of course the Lakers and Celtics in June playing one of the best NBA Finals of all-time. 
1985 is the season for the Lakers to learn from what they did wrong in the 1984 NBA Finals. And especially Earvin Magic Johnson, that he needed to be more of a leader of the team and not just the quarterback. And not always worry about having to make the perfect pass and make his teammates look great. But at times that he had to look good himself on offense and actually score when he either had the best shot, or the best chance of scoring especially in critical moments. Which meant fewer turnovers by scoring when he had the good shot. 
But again the NBA even back in the mid-1980s wasn't just about the Lakers and Celtics. And even Larry Bird and Earvin Johnson. There were twenty-four or so other clubs in the NBA that also had great players. Like in Philadelphia with Moses Malone and Julius Erving. And in Atlanta with Dominique Wilkins and in Detroit with Isiah Thomas, Salt Lake with Adrian Dantley and many other places. And 1985 had a great rookie class with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon and many others. 
The 1985 season was a chance for the rest of the NBA to start catching up with the Celtics and Lakers, because of the 1984 draft. And because of this we saw the Houston Rockets make a big leap in 1986 and winning the Western Conference and getting to the NBA Finals. And with the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks steeping up and starting to become real contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dave Warner: A Moment With Pam Oliver, 2006

Source: Dave Warner- Rear view of Fox Sports's Pam Oliver-
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“A Moment With Pam Oliver”, hum maybe it was only a moment, because the guys shooting the video kept yelling out her name and how much they like her. Which might be why she moved away instead of having guys gawk at her indefinitely, as if she’s a professional model. And even though she definitely attractive enough to be a professional model, a supermodel even, that is not why she was at this event. But she was there to cover that event for Fox Sports, which she does a great job doing, which I’ll get into later. Something to think about especially for young men and have a tendency to freak out when they see a sexy women, which Pam certainly is wearing tight outfits. Speaking of Pam Oliver, not a fan of Fox, especially Fox News and not much of a fan of Fox Sports either other than their NFL coverage which tends to be pretty good. Their studio show and their number one announcing team with Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and yes Pam Oliver who their number one sideline reporter. But I love Pam Oliver personally and physically. She does a great job for them and looks great doing it and is the best looking women at Fox Sports and I believe their best reporter. And one of those reasons is because players and coaches want to talk to her. She asks tough questions, but she’s fair in doing that and is also great to look at. And you can talk to her without getting in trouble from your girlfriend of wife, because she’s a sideline reporter and not a fan or groupie or something.
Dave Warner: A Moment With Pam Oliver- 2006

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tony Rome: Video: NFL Films: NFL 1981, The Giants and Jets Return to The Playoffs

1981 was a huge year for New York pro football fans, because it was the year that both of their football franchises woke up from their more than a decade long hibernation. The New York Giants hadn’t made the NFL PLayoffs since 1963 when they lost the NFL Championship to the Chicago Bears. And the New York Jets hadn’t made the playoff AFL or NFL since the NFL-AFL merger of 1970.

Its one thing to live in a market, a metro area with two pro football franchises, which I do in the Washington-Baltimore Region, but it is another thing to live in a market with two bad pro football franchises, especially if you love football. And not just bad, but to the point every year you know your team isn’t good and won’t even have a winning season mostly likely, let alone make the playoffs.

And you’re just hoping to see some improvement going into the next season. And that was the Giants and Jets of the 1970s, two of the worst franchises in the NFL and they just happened to represent the same city. Year in and year out in the 1970s for the most part, both the Giants and Jets could be counted on to lose ten games each. And the sixteen game schedule didn’t start until 1978.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Robert Altman: Nashville 1975- A Look at Southern-American Politics

Source: FURY-
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The 1970s, really as a whole was one of the most divisive times for American politics. It was when whoever was left that actually trusted the U.S. Government to do the right thing and even tell them the truth, had ended. You had the Vietnam War in the mid and late 1960s with President Lyndon Johnson. You had President Richard Nixon, who was stuck between wanting to get America the hell out of Vietnam and yet not actually be seen as losing the war. Sort of like a person stuck between wanting to kill someone and marrying them. And then you had Watergate, which that plus other scandals of the Nixon White House, led House of Representatives to vote for impeachment of President Nixon.

Without Vietnam and Watergate, Jimmy Carter remains a peanut brain, I mean peanut farmer from Georgia, who probably runs for and wins reelection as Governor of Georgia. America, especially after President Gerry Ford, who just happened to be President Nixon’s Vice President and personal friend, pardons Richard Nixon for his involvement in the Watergate coverup and all other crimes that President Nixon was involved in as President of the United States. Congressional Democrats, in 1974, don’t win landslides in the House and Senate, because suddenly it just occurs to Americans that Republicans are devils and Democrats are saints. Democrats, won the 1974 Congressional mid-terms, because they weren’t Republicans.

There was this feeling in the America in the mid-1970s, especially as President Nixon resigns and gets the bailout of a lifetime and his pardoned by his Vice President, that the country was way off. Like 747 yet without radar flying in the clouds in the Caribbean, with both pilots and the navigator, high, drunk and blind, all at the same time. And that it was time for America to get back on course and try something else. Try something that wasn’t a Democrat, or a Republican. Or at the very least not a Washington Democrats, or Republican. And I believe Nashville reflects those feelings of the country.
FURY: Nashville 1975- De Robert Altman: Official 1975 Trailer

Monday, September 16, 2013

Movieman Trailers: Escape From Alcatraz 1979- Escaping From the Unescapable

Source: Movieman Trailers- 
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If I had to put a short list, top 5-10 Clint Eastwood movies of all-time which are all great movies by the way, Alcatraz would be on that list. Probably somewhere between 6-10, with Heartbreak Ridge and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot being at the top. Escape From Alcatraz is of course about the 1962 escape of this famous prison by Frank Morris and two other career criminals that apparently no other prison in the country could hold. John Anglin and Clarence Anglin being the other two inmates. The movie shows how the inmates got out. The question did they survive and make it to San Francisco, or another island.

This movie also give viewers another look at Clint Eastwood. Who generally plays a no-nonsense tough guy who enforces the law and even uses controversial means to do that, but always gets the bad guy. In Alcatraz, he's not only a bad guy, but he's the chief bad guy that other bad guys look up to. He plays a criminal genius at least as far as IQ and intelligence in Frank Morris, who figures out how to escape from Alcatraz. And also happens to be friends in prison with two other men who are also experts in making prison escapes. The Anglin brothers.

Escape From Alcatraz not only shows you how these three inmates escaped from prison, but also gives you an inside look of what life inside of Alcatraz was for inmates and staff. How deadly boring it simply could be, unless you had a job as an inmate and how much time the inmates spent by themselves in individual cells. And what tactics, measures and extremes even the staff at Alcatraz would go to, to keep the prison secure. Like locking up inmates in solitary when they get into fights, but locking up in a completely dark dungeon twenty-four hours a day. And is very interesting and great movie.
Movieman Trailers: Escape From Alcatraz 1979 Trailer

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Basketball Baby: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1986-WCF-Game 5-Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers: Intro

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I miss the old NBA intros on CBS with Dick Stocton. This was the NBA at its best when it was really about basketball and not about celebrity culture and NBA players just using their NBA careers to make as much money in and out of basketball. But when the NBA was actually about basketball and winning as much as possible. The NBA on CBS whether they had the best TV ratings or not and again they were dealing with a different more basketball oriented audience that truly loved the league and its history, was the best NBA show ever. At least as far as how they covered their games and the caliber of players and teams they featured.

As far as this game, the defending NBA Finals Champions Lakers were in a real must win. Win this game or go home, because they were down 3-1 to a team in the Rockets that was a good young team. But they really only had one great player in Hakeem Olajuwon. Ralph Sampson was a very talented center/power forward, but he was sort of work in progress who would look great at times and then would disappear. This was Hakeem’s team and they had solid players around him. Like Robert Reid and Rodney McCray, but Akeem and Sampson led this team, especially Hakeem. And when they played well, their teammates would play well as well. But this wasn’t a deep team as far as talent and great players.

The Rockets got hot in the Western Conference Playoffs on Akeem’s back . With their defense and rebounding and that is how they beat the Lakers. A team with three franchise players in Kareem, Magic and James Worthy. With great role players and a very good bench. As well as the best head coach in the league at least at this point in Pat Riley. But Akeem dominated them in the post. Because they needed Kareem to cover Ralph Sampson whose 7’4 in the post. Which meant covering Akeem who was a bull in the post at 6’11 250 pounds of muscle or whatever he was, with great quickness, footwork and athletic ability, with a power forward. Who wasn’t use to covering players that big and strong.

Adriana Misu: Truck Loaded With Timber Headed by a Woman

Source: Adriana Misu-
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A mother trucker and not just any mother trucker, but a sexy mother trucker and athletic looking mother trucker who obviously keeps in shape and takes care of herself. I would imagine she would have to in order to drive as long and far as truck drivers have to and to be able to operate and take care of her truck. Which is also a lot of work just in itself. Truck driving is sort of traditionally a male dominated industry and I imagine it still is, but like with motor bikers and western culture and business’s like ranches, you’re now seeing a lot of women working in those fields and doing those activities. And not just any women, but sexy healthy attractive women who do great jobs in these professions.
Adriana Misu: Truck Loaded With Timber Headed By a Woman

Friday, September 13, 2013

Moog Rogue: Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater at The 1964 Republican National Convention

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What sounded like an extreme statement in 1964 when America was still in the New Deal/Great Society Progressive Era of the Democratic Party, in a country that was just starting to move right, sounds like a very intelligent, logical, mainstream view today. Whether it was coming from the Right or Left, because what Senator Goldwater was saying was what was called extremism back in the early and mid 1960s, was about individual freedom. And moving past the welfare state in America and giving more Americans individual freedom over their own lives.

And Senator Goldwater wasn’t just talking about economic freedom, but personal freedom as well. Which is why Ron Paul Libertarians like Barry Goldwater as well. And what he was also saying that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue, meaning that you are in favor justice and going to do what it takes to protect and advance justice in America. But you can’t get their with a half-hearted approach. That it has to be real and you have to go all the way.

The Republican Party certainly changed in 1964. They were still the civil rights party that President Johnson and the Democratic Leadership in Congress had to rely on their more progressive members in Congress for their votes. But you had this conservative libertarian faction in the party, that was already there, but now big enough where they became the mainstream faction of the party. It would be nice to see the GOP today with there Northeastern Moderate Progressives and Conservative Libertarians in the Midwest and West without the Religious-Right. They would be a lot more competitive for the White House now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Smithsonian Channel: Video: Enemies Within: Joe McCarthy: Spreading Lies and Ruining Lives

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I’ve only seen certain parts of this film, but it looks very interesting from what I’ve seen. And about a very important part of the Twentieth Century. The 1940s and 50s where the fear of Communists and communism and even communists in the U.S. Government was real high. And Americans were actually worried about Communists taking over America. Which was never a real concern, considering how strong America was during the entire Cold War. And how weak are so-called Communist rivals were the whole time.

Especially the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Who were both just trying to keep up with America, especially from a military perspective and having as much if not more influence around the world as the United States. But neither Russia, or China has ever come close to matching our economic power around the world. And yes, the Soviet Union, was a great military power and even diplomatic power. But because of their Marxist state-control economic system, would’ve never been able to compete with America economically and even maintain their military power. And a big reason why the Soviet system collapsed when it did in 1991.

What Senator Joe McCarthy did in the 1950s, especially with his powerful position in the Senate as Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee and perhaps Congress as a whole, was to take advantage of the fears that too many Americans have about communism back then. And use those fears to try to further advance his political career and perhaps make a run for president himself in 1960. If not just further his political power and career in the Senate. Joe McCarthy, was the demagogue of demagogues. And hurt the lives of a lot of good Americans, simply because of who they may have associated with and their political beliefs. Which is un-American.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

White Mare: Johnny Cash- I Walk the Line

Source: White Mare-
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Johnny Cash singing about something he didn’t do very well, or at least very often. Which was walking the line and was someone who was unfaithful and didn’t play by all the rules at least. Not judging him based on that, other than to say he didn’t live the life he sung about. And at best lived a life that perhaps he wanted to and that others lived instead. I think this is a very good song as far as the lyrics and the music to it and of course Johnny Cash with his great voice and that he was a great entertainer. But this song is not autobiographical at least in the sense that he was singing about himself. But perhaps singing about someone else and perhaps singing about someone he wanted to be instead.
White Mare: Johnny Cash- I Walk The Line

Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Issues in The African-American Community

Firing Line
Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Issues in The African-American Community

Bill Buckley seems to be trying to making the case that racial-discrimination isn’t the only problem in the African-American community. That they also face issues of personal responsibility like having kids out-of-wedlock. Fathers leaving their kids and ending up in prison, not finishing school and so-forth. Which I actually agree with Buckley on just as long as he’s saying that racial discrimination like being forced to go to inadequate schools, being denied loans, housing, employment, etc, simply because of your race, are also contributing factors the plight lets say of the African-American community. A community that was kidnapped that was kidnapped from the very beginning and forced to live in America.

You could have a community of Americans by race, or ethnicity, or whatever, that plays by all the rules, lives up to all of their responsibilities, that could still fail, if they’re not allowed to attend quality schools, have access to banking, loans, quality housing, employment, not because of their personal and professional qualifications, but because of their race and ethnicity. Things that have nothing to do with what kind of businessperson they would be, what kind of student they would be, what kind of employee they would be, what kind of resident they would be, etc. And that is the real crime of legal racial discrimination in America and Jim Crow. Whether it comes from the private, or public sectors.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reason Party: Video: Oxford Union Debate, The American Civil Rights Movement

Bill Buckley seemed to be making the case that Africans were better off in America than they are in Africa or anywhere else in the world. Which may be true, but the fact is the African slaves didn’t have a choice whether or not to live in America, or stay back in Africa and build their own countries and societies. And do well on their own and create their own wealth. Which is one of the things that Malcolm X argued for which was for African-Americans to create their. Own wealth and build their own communities in America.You can’t ask for a better debate about American civil and equal rights than to have Bill Buckley on the Right and I guess Jim Baldwin on the Left. Even though I don’t how far to the left Baldwin was overall in his life.

Guy John: Video: U.S. Senator Robert Taft on Meet The Press, January 20, 1952

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America’s role in the world post World War II and where is our place in the world. And what we needed to do to defend ourselves and work with our allies so that Russia wouldn’t try to invade Europe and expand their Communist empire. Senator Taft who truly was a Conservative Republican perhaps the Barry Goldwater of his time and the Barry Goldwater in Congress of his time, made a really interesting point about NATO which is responsible for defending Europe for the most part. And a position that I hold today about who should defend Europe.

Senator Taft wasn’t taking an isolationist position on foreign policy as it related to Europe. He wasn’t saying that if Russia invades Europe, then that is Europe’s business and America shouldn’t get involved. He was saying that if America is going to be part of NATO, than the European states that get most of the security and benefits from NATO should pay for that defense. Instead of America essentially being responsible for the entire defense of the United States, which twice the size of the European Union in land and have to defend Europe as well.

And Senator Taft was right then and he was right today. America is essentially responsible for the defense of both the United States and European Union. Canada can defend themselves and is now committing the resources to do that under the Harper Government. But while America is still at or around four-percent GDP as far as national defense, Europe is at around one-percent. With Britain, Germany and France being a bit higher than that. But one of the reason why these social democracies in Europe spend so little on their national defense, is because they’re social democracies. They spend a lot on infrastructure and education and very little on defense. Because America is responsible for their defense.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Being Robbed of Your History

Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Being Robbed of Your History

James Baldwin, talking about the fact that he and other African-Americans were robbed of their history. And even denied of where they had originally come from, where their ancestors came from. And being forced to live in someone else’s world that was not created by Africans. That is the biggest evil of African slavery. That is Africans being kidnapped and taken to America and not just forced to live in another country, another continent and another culture, with another people who they perhaps have never seen before, let alone heard of and forced to live essentially as prisoners. And forced to serve these people that had kidnapped them.

The Europeans kidnapping Africans from Africa and taking them to North America and force them to work as slaves for the new European-Americans, is the worst kidnapping in American history, if not world history. And that is right on top of what the Europeans, mostly Anglo-Saxon Brits and people of British descent, did to the American Indians. And forced them off of their homeland so as the Europeans would put it, a more peaceful and civilized people could live peacefully and civilly and not be bothered. Which of course is nonsense, but that had to be the thinking of what they did to first the Indians and kicking them off of their land. And then the Africans and kidnapping them and forcing them to live and serve as slaves on someone else’s land

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Betty Boots: Cowboy Boots For Women

Source: Betty Boots-
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For a cowgirl to be a cowgirl or at least a sexy cowgirl, she needs the right cowgirl boots that fit and allow for her to be a successful cowgirl. I don’t think cowgirls are cowgirl without the right cowgirl boots. And they go so well with tight denim jeans and leather jeans which are so common with cowgirls and cowboys. They are something the cowgirl simply needs to have to be a real cowgirl. Which is something I think the women in this video understands. And knows exactly what are the right cowgirl boots for her and knows what boots go with her jeans when she’s doing her cowgirl and western activities. This is just one example of why guys who aren’t cowboys and who grow up in an urban big city environment such as myself love cowgirls. Because of their style and how they present themselves and how they also take care of themselves.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Victor Creed: Madame X 1966- Lana Turner is Madame X

Source: Victor Creed-
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Lana Turner, plays a lower-class women Holly Parker, who marries way up as far as class and wealth. She marries Clayton Anderson, from the very wealthy Anderson Family. Who is a businessman/politician whose held several Federal Government jobs and is looking to become President of the United States. Very similar to Joe Kennedy from the Kennedy Family. Who was a very successful investor on Wall Street. Who ends up working for President Franklin Roosevelt and who also has his own presidential ambitions.

Holly Parker’s husband, Clayton, is a diplomat now and spends a lot of time away from Washington where they live. Holly, gets lonely and is a gorgeous, sexy baby-faced adorable women. I mean, she is Lana Turner after all and meets a local playboy Phil Benton, played by Ricardo Montalban. They have an argument and fight one night at the house. And Holly, accidentally kills Phil and tells her mother in law about it. Her mother in law, doesn’t like her daughter in law at all.

Estelle Anderson, played by Constance Bennett, the mother in law of Holly and mother of Clayton Anderson, doesn’t want to see any scandal and shame come to her family. And pays Holly a lot of money to get out-of-town and simply disappear. Not even telling her son Clayton who just happens to be Holly’s husband and the father their son. No one knows what happened to Holly except for Holly and Estelle. And Holly, completely falls off the map and leaves the country. And becomes an alcoholic and lives a rough life.

One of Lana Turner’s best movies. She plays a women whose the wife of a rich successful politician. Whose suspected for murder and gets sent out-of-town by her mother in law never to be heard from again. Until one day she pops back up into society and ends up going on trial for murder with a completely new identity. With her family not knowing her real identity.
Victor Creed: Madame 1966- Original Trailer

Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Debating African-American Life in a European World

Reason Party: James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Debating African-American Life in a European World

African-Americans being forced to live under a system that was created by Europeans. Having no choice in whether to come over there and live in the new world or not. And living under European-Americans and under their discrimination in many cases. Not saying that Africans would be better off back in Africa had they not have been forced to leave there for America. As some right-wingers have implied that Africans have it better in America than anywhere else in the world. Which is debatable anyway, but the point here is that they never had a choice. They were forced to leave Africa for a strange world to them that they knew nothing about before they cam here and were forced to live in slavery.

And what I believe the Right was arguing here was that Africans, or has they called them Negros back then, had it better in America than anyone else. Despite Jim Crow, forced desegregation, being turned down for jobs and service simply, because of their race and complexion. Being forced to go to rotten schools and live in rotten housing, because again they were being denied access to a good education and good jobs. And yet the Right is arguing here that African-Americans had it better in America than Africans anywhere else in the world, especially in third-world Africa. But again that is off point even if its correct. Because why should be people be forced to live in poverty simply because of the race and complexion.

Book TV: Afterwords- Tim Naftali Interviewing Sir David Frost: On The Frost Nixon Interviews 2007

Source: Book TV
Source: This piece was originally posted at FreeState Plus 

By 1977 Richard Nixon was a dead politician basically just looking to find relevancy again and get back on the national stage. He obviously was still alive physically, but his political career was dead and was a retired politician in his mid-sixties when even back then people with long public service careers in America were still working. Still holding a seat in public office, working in a cabinet, teaching somewhere, working as a consultant, like at a think tank. Perhaps writing a weekly column and hosting a radio show, or serving as an analyst for one of the network news divisions. Dick Nixon had none of that before the Frost/Nixon interviews.

As much as Americans and perhaps people around the world may have wanted to get inside of Dick Nixon’s head and hear what he thought about his own presidency and what was going on his own political mind and mind in general, Nixon needed for his own sake to get back on the national scene. To contribute to something that was seen as constructive, if not actually be doing these things. David Frost was essentially a news comedian and satirist at this point looking to get into hard news and make a name for himself there. And gets the idea about trying to interview the one man who no one has successfully interviewed. At least in a long time and find out what President Nixon went through as President.

What you get from the Frost/Nixon interviews is a look inside of perhaps the most fascinating American politician. At least in modern history, a man who was brilliant really about anything he ever worked on and yet had this other paranoid side about him that made him do horrible things to people. And to the country as far as he ran his own White House and perhaps administration overall. And these are really interviews that you need to see for yourself. But Frost someone who was a news satirist before he interviewed Nixon might have been the only man to get Nixon to open up the way he did. And actually talk about his own involvement and the Watergate coverup.
Book TV: Afterwords- Tim Naftali Interviewing Sir David Frost: On Frost/Nixon

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Riverbends Channel: Video: Oxford Union Debate, James Baldwin vs. William F. Buckley: Has The American Dream Been Achieved at The Expense of the African-American?

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You won’t find better debates than this one, with so many intelligent, thoughtful, respectful people, a debate with both James Baldwin and William Buckley. In this debate, they are addressing the biggest issue of the 1960s, perhaps the biggest issue in the history of the United States, civil rights. Should we treat all Americans regardless of race equally under the law?

As far as the debate goes, I believe the answer is obvious, that of course the American dream for Caucasian-Americans has been achieved at the expense of Africans who were kidnapped and brought to America and the Caribbean to serve Caucasians.  Once the Africans were legally free from slavery and became Americans, Caucasians continued to live the American dream at the expense of African-Americans.

The examples are obvious starting with slavery and then moving to segregation during which African-Americans were forced to live in inadequate ghetto housing and attend substandard schools. They had to settle for the only jobs they could get, such as house servants for upper and middle class Caucasian-American families, because they were denied the educational opportunities that would lead to well-paying jobs with good benefits.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alison Martino: E’s Mysteries and Scandals- The Life of Lana Turner

Source: Alison Martino- Lana Turner-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post Plus

I saw the movie The Bad and Beautiful from 1952 with Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Barry Sullivan, Walter Pidgeon and many others, a great cast. And in that movie Lana plays an actress who is very similar to the women that Lana played in real-life. A talented, but tiny hot baby-face adorable women, who is somewhat immature and never seems very happy, at least for long. Who seems to be addicted to scandal, who drinks too much and gets into trouble. That is the Lana Turner that I’ve read and have heard about. The Bad and The Beautiful, could almost be a biography of Lana Tuner. At least her early career in Hollywood. Because the women she plays there is very similar to the women she was in real-life at the same time.

Lana seemed to be either addicted to danger and scandal in her life, or it just sticked to her like glue and she could never rip it off. Or perhaps he was addicted to Hollywood and the Hollywood life. Of living through tabloids and doing crazy things that get yourself in the tabloids and generate publicity about yourself. That leads to roles that clean up for to do them successfully. Like her relationship with Italian gangster John Stompanato, who she must have known was with the Italian-American Mafia. This just goes to the crazy life aspect. (To almost paraphrase Paris Hilton) That a clean boyfriend and actor for Lana, would’ve been boring and perhaps anti-Hollywood to her. That Lana almost had to be in danger to be in happy in life.

Lana also knew that she had a daughter and how dangerous her and her daughter’s life was in being hooked up with a gangster. But that wasn’t enough for her not to get involved with him in the first place. How Stompanato died, I don’t think we’ll ever really know. Certainly not enough there to hold Lana for murder and Stompanato dying. I hate to say this, but it really wasn’t any bad news for anyone outside of his family, his real family that is. But again Lana playing a Hollywood movie role, but her in real-life. With the only question being how did Stompanato die. Was is in self-defense or did Lana, or her daughter Cheryl murder him.

And this is all before you get to what really was a great career for Lana Turner. Imagine Marilyn Monroe, but someone who lived more than twice as long. A smaller even cuter Marilyn Monroe in Lana Turner, who managed to grow up in time to have what really was a great life and career. Where you’re talking about not just one of the best actress’s of her generation, but all-time. The same class as Rita Hayworth, Susan Hayward, Ava Turner, Lauren Bacall and many other great actress’s. In movies like The Bad and The Beautiful, Peyton Place, Madame X, Another Time Another Place, The Big Cube, Love Has Many Faces and I really could go on. But in interest of my own time I won’t.

The Johnny Stompanato relationship, is classic Lana Turner. She’s this hot baby-faced little cutie, who gets involved with an Italian gangster like Stompanato. Where just the fact that Lana is a women and men shouldn’t attack women anyway and then add that he’s so much larger than this little cutie who at times at least could still come off as a little girl and all of these things means nothing to Stompanato. Who could probably kill people for giving them bad looks. And Lana who was at time crazy as far as how she lived and perhaps wild would be more accurate, had to know Stompanato’s background going in. That he was clearly a dangerous man who had a temper. But again a relationship with a good man who stays out of trouble, would have been boring for Lana.

As far as what happened to Johnny Stompanato, which is what this show I guess is ultimately about, even though I’m more interested in Lana’s life and career. Lana or Cheryl, killed Stompanato, I don’t see how you can call this murder. Stompanato, was a mobster with a temper, who had a history of abusing Lana. And went too far one night with Lana’s daughter being there and either Lana or Cheryl, had the ability to defend themselves and back Stompanato off. And that’s exactly what did. Don’t believe either of them intentionally killed Stompanato. But in a lot of Stompanato cases the defender is simply just trying to back the attacker off. And perhaps shoots the person o hits them too hard. And the attacker dies as a result. And I believe that is what happened in this case.
Alison Martino: Mysteries and Scandals Lana Turner

Twre Flect: Video: NET: James Baldwin, Who is The Nigger?

James Baldwin was certainly not a nigger. Only ignorant people who do not know enough about the people they are afraid of regardless of race are niggers. What I believe Baldwin’s point about nigger, a word I hate and not even comfortable writing, let alone saying, but what I think he was saying is that nigger was something that people who hate Africans and people of African descent call African people especially African-Americans. Caucasian racists of European descent who are both ignorant and hateful of people with dark brown and black complexions that African people especially African-Americans tend to have. Native-Africans just tend to have black skin unless they come from the Arab states in the North and people up there tend to look more Mediterranean decent. People with olive and brown complexions. Italians, Greeks, Southern Slavs, French, Spanish, Portuguese and so-forth.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CBS News: Face The Nation- Senator Joseph McCarthy, November 7, 1954

Source: CBS News-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post Plus

Senator McCarthy’s power in Congress was pretty much over at this point with Democrats winning back Congress in 1954. With McCarthy’s credibility and reputation being ruined with the McCarthy hearings and with the Senate censoring him in late 1954. Joe McCarthy would be dead in less than two years after this interview was conducted. His political career essentially over as far as being a force in Congress and even in the Senate. With Congressional Democrats taking full control over Congress both the House and Senate in 1956 and 58. And with a Republican Party that was behind Dwight Eisenhower and against McCarthy style fascism.

Do I believe Joe McCarthy was an anti-communist? Of course I do which is what even most Democrats were at this point, even the Far-Left of the party, at least to a certain extent. Do I believe Senator McCarthy believed there were Communists in the U.S. Government? Well based on the evidence that he and his staff brought to the committee and what his own Republican members were saying about these hearings, I would say no. But of course I can’t get into the man’s head, but perhaps he was seeing and believing things that simply weren’t there. Or this was simply about taking advantage of the so-called Red Scare in America and using it to further one’s own political career.

The whole McCarthy hearings were exactly about that and trying to look so anti-communist that you believed that communism was so evil and had no business in the U.S. Government, but that perhaps Communists had no right to exist and even be free in America. This was using what so-called anti-Communists say Communists use against people who are to the right of them. Which is most of the political spectrum, but using fascism and saying, “we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. To the point that we are on the side of good and should be treated as such. While they are evil and have no right to exist at all.”
CBS News: Face The Nation- Senator Joe McCarthy

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Autumn Wind: The Oakland Raiders Code

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post on WordPress: The Autumn Wind: The Oakland Raiders Code

I hope for Raiders fans this makes up for the fact that they’ve been so bad the last ten years. The great history that they had in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. I’m not a Raider fan, because I still have horrible memories and even nightmares that I’m getting professional help for. Because of how they took apart my great 1983 Redskins in Super Bowl 18. But imagine what it must be like for Raider fans who write about football and what they’re going through right now. Suffering through ten straight non-winning seasons. Where in this period an 8-8 season was considered successful for them. Something they’ve accomplished once or twice. I mean you have all of those great memories from the 1970s and even 1980s, (unless you still live in Oakland) to go with the current nightmare you’re currently going through.

I think something that current Raiders fans are going through who are long time Raider fans and remember the 1970s, or at least the 1980s, that could be compared with the current state of Raider Nation, would like what New York Yankee fans went through in the early 1990s. Say 1991, 92, 93, when they were no longer just not winning or playing in World Series, but they were no longer not even winning the AL East, or not even making the AL Playoffs, but 1992 was the Yankees fourth straight losing season. Something they hadn’t done since the late 1960s-early 1970s. If you include the 1994 strike-shorten season where the Yankees were in place to make the AL Playoffs, they missed the playoffs thirteen straight seasons. But finished with winning seasons in eight of those years. The Raiders have even been worst than that. 10 straight non-winning seasons.

When I think of the Oakland Raiders, I think of very tough and very smart football teams, that have a lot of speed. Who go right after you and take you apart. You want to play cover-two against their vertical passing game, Cliff Branch will run right through it and catch a bomb from Ken Stabler. Or take a short pass to the house. Or they will run the ball right down your throat to get you to play them straight up. With a defense that comes right after you, because they have two cover corners with Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes. And can stuff the run simply with their front seven and don’t have to blitz. With Howie Long, Lyle Alzado, Greg Townsend and many others up front. Attacking the QB. That is how you have the best record in football in the 1960s and 1970s and how you win three Super Bowls and four AFC Championship’s.

That is just not the current Raider Nation and it hasn’t been that way for a long time. Now they play in a stadium that is not the Black Hole, but more like a Toilet Bowl, with a Toilet Bowl team. That can be counted on to finish last in a four team division every year.Playing in a stadium that is falling apart and in a city that won’t do it’s part to help them get a new stadium, or at least rebuild the current one. And part of this blame goes to the City of Oakland for not doing their part to keep up with the maintenance of the Oakland Coliseum. But the first person you want to look at and I hate to say this, because I have a lot of respect for Al Davis who created the Oakland Raiders, but you have to look at his mismanagement of his franchise. And not hiring a competent person to run his club for him. And trying to do too much on his own.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

C-SPAN: Video: Senate Watergate Hearings: John Dean’s Opening Statement

C-SPAN: Video: Senate Watergate Hearings: John Dean’s Opening Statement

It seems to me anyway and I believe either Bob Woodward, or Carl Bernstein and perhaps both of them have said this, but that John Dean was not only deeply involved in the Watergate coverup, but it’s not until he finds out that President Nixon was going to hang him out to dry on it and have Dean take the wrap for it, that Dean decided, “you know what, I could get in a lot of trouble here. Its time to take my losses and not make this any worst for me and my family and talk to the investigators and prosecutors now. Before I get blamed for the whole damn conspiracy.” And perhaps Dean wasn’t even as diplomatic as that. Sam Dash, who was the Senate Democratic Counsel on the Watergate Committee, essentially has said the same things. And if all of this true, then Dean isn’t hero in this story, but someone who saved his ass. And if anything got off fairly easy from his involvement in this scandal. Especially since he was White House Chief Counsel and pretty high up in the White House. And as an accomplished lawyer, knew what we was doing was illegal. Paying for the silence of the Watergate burglars. Just to use as an example.