Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Victor Creed: Madame X 1966- Lana Turner is Madame X

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Lana Turner, plays a lower-class women Holly Parker, who marries way up as far as class and wealth. She marries Clayton Anderson, from the very wealthy Anderson Family. Who is a businessman/politician whose held several Federal Government jobs and is looking to become President of the United States. Very similar to Joe Kennedy from the Kennedy Family. Who was a very successful investor on Wall Street. Who ends up working for President Franklin Roosevelt and who also has his own presidential ambitions.

Holly Parker’s husband, Clayton, is a diplomat now and spends a lot of time away from Washington where they live. Holly, gets lonely and is a gorgeous, sexy baby-faced adorable women. I mean, she is Lana Turner after all and meets a local playboy Phil Benton, played by Ricardo Montalban. They have an argument and fight one night at the house. And Holly, accidentally kills Phil and tells her mother in law about it. Her mother in law, doesn’t like her daughter in law at all.

Estelle Anderson, played by Constance Bennett, the mother in law of Holly and mother of Clayton Anderson, doesn’t want to see any scandal and shame come to her family. And pays Holly a lot of money to get out-of-town and simply disappear. Not even telling her son Clayton who just happens to be Holly’s husband and the father their son. No one knows what happened to Holly except for Holly and Estelle. And Holly, completely falls off the map and leaves the country. And becomes an alcoholic and lives a rough life.

One of Lana Turner’s best movies. She plays a women whose the wife of a rich successful politician. Whose suspected for murder and gets sent out-of-town by her mother in law never to be heard from again. Until one day she pops back up into society and ends up going on trial for murder with a completely new identity. With her family not knowing her real identity.
Victor Creed: Madame 1966- Original Trailer