Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1978-7-25-30-This Week in Baseball

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There were a lot of interesting stories about the 1978 MLB season. The World Series was a great one with the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. The two league championship series were good as well. With the Dodgers having to beat the Philadelphia Phillies and the Yankees having to beat the Kansas City Royals just to get to the MLB World Series. There were new divisional contenders, like the San Francisco Giants in the NL West. The Milwaukee Brewers in the AL East. The Anaheim Angels in the AL West. There was Pete Rose’s 44 game hitting streak. The long streak of games with at least one hit since Joe DiMaggio in 1941. And of course the never-ending Yankees soap opera involving George Steinbrenner and whoever he saw as a rival to his absolute power in New York. In the late 1970s and 1980s that of course was manager Billy Martin. There was a lot going on in 1978 making TWIB a very interesting show. Especially with Mell Allen as the host.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1979-TWIB-8/07-79

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1979-TWIB-8/07-79

1979, is still one of the best seasons in Major League Baseball and another example of why MLB should’ve went with the wildcard playoff format much earlier than they did, which was 1995. You had three teams that won 90 or more games in the AL East alone. The Orioles, Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers. The Yankees, won 89 games, but had a better record than the Anaheim Angels, that won the AL West. But because of no wildcard and that only division winners qualified for the playoffs, the Yankees didn’t qualify. The Orioles, were the only team in the AL East that made the playoffs in 79. Even though four AL East teams won 89 or more games.

In the AL West, the Angels won the division with 88 games. Their first division championship ever. And two clubs in the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers that battled them for that division. The NL East, you have a very good divisional race as well. With Pirates winning that division, who won several division championships in the 1970s and won two MLB World Series as well. The Montreal Expos, who up until the late 70s, were consistent losers, made a strong run at the NL East, but finished three games back of the Pirates. The Expos, were actually very good in the late 1970s and early 80s and even the early and mid 1990s. But only made the NL Playoffs once in this whole period, because they only won one division championship.

The NL West, only two teams with winning records, but two good teams. In the Reds and Houston Astros. The Reds winning that division with 91 wins, with the Astros finishing a couple of games back. In 1979, you had three great division races. The AL West, NL East and NL West. And even though the Orioles won the AL East by seven games, they also won 102 games that year. And were in a division with two other clubs that were good enough to be very good playoff teams, that won 90 or more games as well. And the Yankees, again if they were in the AL West, would’ve won that division. MLB, was behind the times back then and should’ve expanded their playoff format much sooner than they did.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Justin Bowen: NBC Sports: NCAA-CB- 1980 Final Four Semifinal- Louisville Cardinals vs Iowa Hawkeyes- Full Game

Justin Bowen: NBC Sports: NCAA-CB- 1980 Final Four Semifinal- Louisville Cardinals vs Iowa Hawkeyes- Full Game

The 1980 Louisville Cardinals, had one of the best college basketball coaches of all-time in Denny Crum. Who won two national championships at Louisville in the 1980s. Which is big for Louisville, but huge for the state of Kentucky outside of Lexington. Because Kentucky like North Carolina and Indiana, is a huge basketball state in terms of how popular the sport is. And the Kentucky Colonels folding in the ABA and not becoming part of the ABA, major league college basketball is what they had for big time sports in this state.

The Kentucky Wildcats, traditionally one of the top college basketball programs in the country, had a great run in the 1970s winning the national championship in 1978. But in the 1980s, Lexington fell back a little bit as Louisville stepped up and won two national championships. Starting in 1980 and had three future NBA players on it in Darrell Griffith, the star of the team, Rodney McCray, who played for the 1986 Houston Rockets NBA Finals team and Derek Smith, who was a talented swingman in the NBA. Playing both off-guard and small forward, but who had several major leg injuries. And never full filled his potential.

So in 1980 the Cardinals have a great year and get to the Final Four and play a hard-working overachieving Iowa Hawkeyes team coached by Lute Olsen who had great success at Arizona and won a national championship with the Wildcats in 1997, but with the Hawkeyes, he had no big names there. And other than Ronnie Lester, didn’t really have any great players in 1980. But had a team that played very well together and had great chemistry. That went 23-13, but not a great team that overwhelmed anyone. Playing a very talented Cardinals team and gave them a great game in the Final Four.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

FRS Daily Post Plus: Tall Sexy Blonde- In Skinny Jeans in High Heel Boots With Chains

Source: Ali Baba- Sexy Blonde, in skinny jeans in boots
Source: FRS Daily Post Plus
A tall sexy curvy blonde woman. I just wish her top wasn’t so low or was tucked in her skinny jeans and we would’ve had some idea what kind of butt she has. But tall sexy curvy blondes which twenty years ago might have seemed as common as blizzards in Miami, Florida or Muslims in Alabama, now are fairly common today. As the bone-thin look which has been proven not to be healthy because it means people male or female simply aren’t strong enough to live healthy when they are that frail. Is now out of style because it is unhealthy and guys like women with meet on their bones and we tend to like healthy sexy looking women. And that means women who aren’t rail-thin and certainly not obese. But look like the eat properly and stay in shape so they do look healthy, but also are able to live healthy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Movie Clips: Casino 1995- Great Las Vegas Movie Based on a True Story

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Definitely the best Las Vegas Italian mafia movie all-time if not the best Italian mafia movie of all-time. It brought you into the world of the Italian mafia as well as the Jewish mafia that worked together to bring Las Vegas to organize crime in America. As well as the general public because Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel saw Las Vegas as a goldmine back in the 1940s. Which is how the Las Vegas casinos got started and the Casino movie brought this story up to the mid and late 1970s and how the Italian mafia was involved in Las Vegas casinos. 
This movie is based on a true story about Las Vegas gambler Frank Rosenthal and others who worked in Las Vegas during this period and had to deal with the Italian mafia while they were in Las Vegas. It brought to you how big time professional gamblers like Frank Rosenthal and others were brought in by organized crime officials both Italian and Jewish-American mobsters, to run Las Vegas casinos for them. The Sam Rothstein character played by the great Robert De Niro, is based off of Frank Lucky Rosenthal, a real life Las Vegas professional gambler who is originally from Chicago. 
The Nicky Santoro character played by the great and hysterical and one of the funniest people ever in Joe Pesci, who is also a great character actor, is based off of Tony Spilotro. A real life Las Vegas Italian mobster, who is also from Chicago originally and grew up with Frank Rosenthal. The movie Casino is based off of the book and screenplay Casino, that was written by Nicholas Pileggi. So the movie Martin Scorsese put together in 1995 was based of a lot of good and factual information that was in the movie. 
Casino is not a true story completely. The characters are different and some of the stories are different. But it is based off a true story similar to Nixon which came out the same year as Casino and The Doors in 1991, that were both directed by Oliver Stone. But this movie does give you a great look inside of the world of the Las Vegas mob, both Italian and Jewish and what the lives were like for those people. And how people who certainly are not Saints, like the Sam Rothstein character played by Bob De Niro, which was based off of Frank Rosenthal, get caught up in illegal activity because of their associations.
Movie Clips: Casino 1995 Trailer

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carla Thony Online: Video: Martha Mitchell: The Loud Belle of Watergate

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According to Martha Mitchell the wife of John Mitchell, the scandal that was dubbed Watergate in 1972 by the American media was planned by the Richard Nixon presidential campaign in 1968. That they were planning to break in to Democratic headquarters before even coming to office. We now know, or at least of heard that John Mitchell is a logical source and suspect as far as who was the person who ordered the 1972 Watergate break in.

Keep in mind a couple of things. John Mitchell was the Attorney General of the United States, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States and he could’ve if not most likely was the person who ordered the Watergate scandal. And perhaps even hired the crew who did the botched burglary. Mitchell was also the head of the Richard Nixon Reelection Campaign Committee For President in 1972 and a very accomplished lawyer himself, like Dick Nixon.

I mean these were the people working for Dick Nixon the President of the United States, criminals who would break the law to do what they believed was right. And not just breaking the law, but violating constitutional rights of American citizens as well. And you can see how the President of the United States who came to office with high hopes and having a country behind him and expecting him to good things. And leaving office disgraced and viewed as a criminal.