Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, August 31, 2013

C-SPAN: Video: NBC News: 1973 U.S. Senate Watergate Committee: James McCord Testimony

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This was extremely important the Senate Watergate Committee hearings in 1973. Because it gave Americans an inside look through their TV’s at how their Congress operates. At least on the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol. No cable TV back in 73 and no C-SPAN which came around in 1979. TV cameras weren’t allowed in Congress at all until the U.S. House passed a bill in 1979 to allow networks to film the House of Representatives, the House floor and committee hearings. The Senate did that in 1986. And this just happened to be one of the most important Congressional committee hearings of all-time in the Watergate Committee.

As far as James McCord, how someone with his professional background in the CIA as an electronics expert and the intelligence and education that he most of had, ever get involved in a third-rate burglary where they were caught the night of the failed operation by Washington Police, I may never know. You would have to think someone with his intelligence and education and hopefully character to work for the CIA the way he did must have known better. But that unfortunately can be said about most of the people involved in the Watergate burglary. Good productive educated people who did something really stupid.

James McCord being one of the failed rookie burglars in this operation. You would think that someone who would order a break in like this would hire people who actually have experience doing operations like this. And not just as spies oversees, but perhaps hiring professional burglars. People who aren’t killers, but people who have long track records of successfully pulling off operations like this to steal things of value. But instead the person who ordered this operation, who I believe was Attorney General John Dean, who just happened to be the Chief Law Enforce Officer in the United States when, turns to people without any experience in this line of work.

Frank Klassen: Joseph Welch Versus U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy

Source: Frank Klassen- U.S. Senator Joesph McCathy R, Wis-
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Joe McCarthy’s, whole strategy in these hearings was based around guilt by association. “If you know a Communist, or were in the same room of a Communist, or part of the same group as a Communist, you are automatically a Communist. Which of course is a bad thing that must be called out.” As if you are an American traitor, or something. Rather than having hearings based on whether or not there are Communist spies in the United States Government. In this video, you hear Chairman McCarthy, question the American allegiance of Joe Welch. Who just happened to be the Chief Counsel of the U.S. Army. Which just goes to the lack of depth and knowledge and perhaps honesty that Joe McCarthy and his staff had about the people they were investigating.

You don’t become Chief Counsel of the U.S. Army if you’re Un-American. I mean seriously, what is the main function of the U.S. Army, but to defend the United States. I mean, the stupidity, or just plain dishonesty and political games that Joe McCarthy would play to do what? Scare Americans about communism? Set up a presidential run for 1960? They had almost nothing on most of the people they were supposedly investigating in these hearings. As this hearing shows. Guilt by Association, could’ve been and perhaps should’ve been the title of these hearings. “If you associate with a Communist, or perhaps just met one at one point, that much mean you’re a Communist as well.” Which was basically the thinking, if you want to call it that, of Joe McCarthy and his staff at these hearings.

It’s almost as if Joe McCarthy and his staff didn’t know they were on national TV. Perhaps not even aware that TV had been invented yet and close if not universal yet. And that everything that they said and did during these hearings and supposedly reported, would be seen at some point by the entire country. And that all of their paper-thin evidence would be seen and shown to the country as well. And made to look like it actually is. Which is paper-thin, with no there, there and not just Ed Murrow and his See it Now show over at CBS News. But the other news shows and radio and national papers as well. That they didn’t have what they needed, or even close to having what they needed to make Joe Welch and others look like Communists and anti-American.
Frank Klassen: Joseph Welch vs U.S. Senator Joesph McCarthy

Friday, August 30, 2013

Guy John: U.S. Senator Robert Taft- On Meet The Press, 1952

Source: Guy John- U.S. Senator Robert Taft ( R, Ohio ) & I believe former President Herbert Hoover-
Source: FRS Daily Post Plus

Senator Taft not sounding like an isolationist at least in this interview, but more like a Barry Goldwater Conservative Republican, but from the 1940s and 50s. A good way to look at Robert Taft at least when it came to foreign policy would be to look at Senator Barry Goldwater. Both men were strong anti-Communists and anti-authoritarians in general and wanted a strong American military and American economy. But to use those resources to defend America and our national interests. Not to try to police the world at least by ourselves. That our allies especially Europe needed to do their part as well.

What they were talking is here is how should the United States respond if the Soviet Union were to invade Europe. What is now the European Union. If they were to attack Germany, or some other country. And I believe what Senator Taft is saying here if that were to happen that the Europeans need to step up and defend themselves and not expect America to fight their war for them. Europe if it were a country, we would be talking about the second r third largest economy in the world even back then. As well as a wealthy developed country. So they should have done their part to defend themselves especially since they did border Russia.

I don’t believe what Senator Taft was saying here is that if Russia invaded Europe that America should say, “oh well too bad and good luck to you.” And that we shouldn’t do anything and let the Russian take over Europe and expand their communist empire. He was saying that we should help Europe and give them resources and perhaps even send them troops. But that Europe had to do their part as well. And not expect America to fight their wars and spend our money for them while Europe does nothing to defend themselves. Which I believe is a very mainstream position today and even back then.
Guy John: U.S. Senator Robert Taft- On Meet The Press, 1952

Claudia 101: Sophia Loren- Mambo Italiano

Source: Claudia 101-
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I do not know of a better looking or sounding Italian women American or otherwise than Sophia Loren. An absolute goddess a hot sexy baby-face cutie with serious sex appeal. As well as an incredible talent with a great voice, moves, body and ability to make people laugh. One of the best looking and sounding women of any ethnicity of all-time. You know, except for all of those things or mambo, otherwise just another ordinary women. If you were able to forget about all of Sophia’s qualities. Like you were, I don’t know, blind and death at the same time.

Sophia said that sex appeal is fifty-percent of what you have and fifty-percent of what people think you have. She might be right, but in her case its obvious what she has. When you think of goddess’s and not just physically incredibly attractive women, as Sophia obvious is, but I think to be a goddess you have to be more than physical. And be able to show you’re more than that and better yet be able to communicate and move what you have to show everyone. Which is obviously what Sophia has with the great face, voice and body.
Claudia 101: Sophia Loren's Mambo Italiano

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Documentary Fan: 1952 Republican National Convention: U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen Defends Robert Taft

Documentary Fan: 1952 Republican National Convention: U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen Defends Robert Taft

The political wave or tide that Senator Everett Dirksen is talking about in this speech is the 1952 Republican sweep. Other than holding Congress from 1947-48, they were completely shutout of power in Washington and the Federal Government, at least as far as being in charge of anything from 1933-53. The Democratic Party, won five straight presidential elections during this period. And again except for 1947-48, held both the House and Senate in Congress during this whole period as well. That changed in 1952 thanks to Dwight Eisenhower as he won the presidency and Congressional Republicans won back the House and Senate in 1952.

Senator Dirksen, initially supported Mr. Conservative at least during his time, Senator Robert Taft for president in 1952. They were both strong Conservative Republicans, from the Midwest, who served in Congress together for twelve-years. They knew each other and the other’s politics and character very well. Dwight Eisenhower, hadn’t announced he was a Republican until he decided to run for president in 1952. He could he being a career U.S. Army officer. So it wasn’t very clear really until General Eisenhower became President of the United States where the General was politically and ideologically.

The Republican Party in 1952 whether they nominated General Dwight Eisenhower or Senator Robert Taft for president, felt this year was definitely their time. Of course they felt that way in 1948 when they barely lost that election as well with Tom Dewey. But 1952 was different for them because they had a great nominee and perhaps the most popular person in America at the time in Ike Eisenhower. And of course the Democrats held the White House for twenty-years at this point and held both chambers of Congress for most of that time as well. President Harry Truman, had been president for eight years at this point and he and his administration were unpopular. So Republicans had a lot to feel good about in 1952.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Documentary Fan: Video: ABC News, Everett Dirksen's Washington

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When was the last time that a Congressional leader was loved and respected by both parties. That is how much Congress has changed since Everett Dirksen was there because he was loved and respected by both parties when he was in Congress and when he was the Senate Republican Leader. But now Republicans and Democrats in Congress tend to look at each other as enemies and not colleagues or even opponents. Not many people being more familiar with how Congress worked than Everett Dirksen, who served a total of thirty-four years in Congress. Both in the House of Representatives and Senate. House from 1933-49 and the Senate from 1951-59. And was also Senate Minority Leader from 1959-69.

You might be able to say that Minority Leader Dirksen had all the power in the Republican Party in Washington in the 1960s. Excluding 1960 with President Dwight Eisenhower and 1969 with President Richard Nixon. You might be able to say that from 1961-69 Minority Leader Dirksen was the Washington power structure for the GOP. Because Democrats held the White House and both chambers of Congress from 1961-69 in this period. Huge majorities in both the House and Senate from 1961-67. Which meant for Congressional Republicans to get anything done in this period or to stop legislation that the Congressional Democratic Leadership was pushing, they needed both Leader Dirksen and the Southern Caucus of right-wing Democrats in Congress.

The 1960s was also a much different time as far as Washington politics and Congressional politics. Not all Democrats were liberal or progressive. The Democratic Party had the right-wing Southern Caucus in the House and Senate. The Democratic Party leaned Left, but had a large right-wing faction. Not all Congressional Republicans were conservative, but certainly leaned right. And they had a progressive faction in the Northeast. Which meant for either President Jack Kennedy or President Lyndon Johnson to get things done in Congress, especially in the Senate, they needed Minority Leader Dirksen’s help to cutoff filibusters from Conservative Republicans and right-wing Democrats. And to bring along some of his Progressive Senators.

Similar to Senator Robert Byrd and Everett Dirksen was sort of the Bob Byrd of him time, but if neither one of them weren’t in Congress for so long, they could’ve both been Congressional historians. And of course a lot of the knowledge they picked up about Congress had to do how long that they were in Congress. Both serving in the House and Senate, but also because they both served in the Congressional Leadership. So when you hear Everett Dirksen talk about Congress, you know you’re hearing from someone who actually knew what they were talking about. Someone who was not just respected, but loved by both Republicans and Democrats and someone who represents the best of our Congress and its two chambers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

National Review: Meet the Press- Ana Navarro to U.S. Representative Steve King: 'Get Therapy'

Source: The Raw Story-
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The more Representative Steve King talks about immigration, the worst off Neoconservative Republicans and people with mental issues look in America. And perhaps people who smoke too much pot or drink too much and are struggling to keep a strong base with reality. By trying to make Latino immigrants look like invaders or something that are Un-American and do not deserve to be in America. And as a result the better the chances for immigration reform in America because of how loony these Neo-Cons look.

And the more Republicans who are interested in immigration reform listen to people about it who are not on the Far-Right in the GOP or the rest of the country, the better the chances of immigration reform in America. As you see in this video with Ana Navarro who is a GOP political strategist, who works for Republicans, (naturally) and Representative Steve King, who if he wasn’t in the U.S. House, would probably be a mental patient somewhere. What you see is Ana Navaro in touch with immigration and what needs to be done. With Representative King doing nothing, but repeating Far-Right talking points.
National Review: Meet The Press- Ana Navarro To U.S. Representative Steve King: 'Get Therapy'

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Isabelle Laplante: Kenny Rogers, The Gambler- Know When to Hold Them & When to Fold Them

Source: Isabelle Laplante- Kenny Rogers-
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I saw The Gambler movie last night the, 1991 NBC version of it with Kenny Rogers and Reba McEntire. Which is a reason why I’m posting this now and I knew that I already liked the song. Heard it for the first time 25-30 years ago, but as I heard it again in the movie last nigh, it got me to thinking about how real this song is and not just about gambling, but that it is a good song about life as well. 
And something that people need to know not just how to read poker players if they play poker, but about how to read people in general. Especially if they are competing against them, but how to know when to appreciate what you have which is something that we should always do. But especially when we are at risk of losing things that we cherish and that do we really want to risk losing everything to obtain new things. 
We don't want to lose things that we truly value and cherish and even need even  if the potential payout is better if we were to be successful, or what we already have is so special that we feel like we can’t afford to give that up even for bigger gains. That losing everything is worst then gaining new things is good if that makes any sense. That gambling just isn't gambling. That you need to take calculated risks in life and understand what you could lose. And then decide if it is worth losing or not.
Isabelle Laplante: Kenny Rogers- The Gambler 1978

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cuiro Phile: Unknown Biker Babe in Head to Toe Leather

I have no idea what show this is and it does look like a show and not a movie. But base on the accents I have to say this is British TV and perhaps BBC. Which is a shame and not that it is perhaps BBC or perhaps other British TV, but that it is unknown and that the actress, the biker chick on this show and in this video is unknown. Because she plays a great looking biker chick head to toe in biker leathers. The black leather jacket, the black leather jeans all laced up. A very sexy biker chick leathered up in biker leathers with the jacket, jeans and boots. Would’ve been nice to see her on her bike and riding the bike. As well as getting off her bike in her leathers. But still a very sexy leather biker babe. And just one example why I lover biker women, because they wear and love leather jeans and biker women tend to be very healthy and sexy. And look great in leather jeans and boots.
Cuiro Phile: Unknown Biker Babe in Head To Toe Leather

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jewish News One: Video: Hollywood Star Karen Black Dies at 74: An Iconic Actress

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I wish Karen Black had another ten-years. But when you have cancer, unless it is found quickly and dealt with properly and the patient has the resources to deal with it correctly, it’s almost a death sentence. I wish she had at another ten years, because she was one of the best actress’s of her generation and era. Which was the 1960s and seventies and took big chances and made them payoff big time. Like with Easy Rider, Airport 1975, one of my favorite movies and I believe her best movie and role. And Nashville, which came out a year earlier than Airport 75.

She took risks on movies that not a lot of other actress’s would have when she didn’t have to do it and where the movies could’ve bombed on her and made it difficult for her to get big roles and big movies later on. And she would not only take the big risks, but they would pay off for her big time. And would be movies that would be remembered very well thirty or forty years later. And would do such a great job in these movies. Like in Airport 75, where she plays a head stewardess who has to take control of the plane during a mid-air collision with all three pilots no longer being able to fly the plane. And she ends flying the plane herself with the help of the runway tower and the pilot on the plane still being able to speak.

And Karen Black played these risky roles very well and will be missed. And then throw in how adorable and beautiful she was. And versatile she way with the ability to play tough characters. Like going from prostitutes with drug issues, in both Easy Rider and then later Nashville in the mid 1970s. To going to have to play a head stewardess in Airport 75 that at one point is actually flying the plane. And that is after she has to get ahold of the runway tower to let them know what is going on. Someone whose never flied a plane before and has no experience at all in doing that. Having to fly this plane over in the Mountain West and climbing mountains. And playing the terrified little adorable women who doesn’t know if she’s going to survive this experience. And yet has to pull it all together for the sake of herself and the people on the plane that she’s responsible for. And she did these role beautifully.

The BM View: Real Time With Bill Maher- Ronald Reagan On Important Issues

Source: The BM View-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FreeState Plus

The reasons why Ronald Reagan wouldn’t fit into todays Republican Party is because he believed in both economic and personal freedom. Reagan was a real Conservative in the Libertarian sense not religious or neoconservative sense. He didn’t believe government’s job was to tell people how to live their own lives, or was skeptical about personal freedom. Which would’ve been a big problem with him with Neoconservative Republicans.

Ron Reagan wouldn’t fit in with today’s GOP at least the Christian-Right and far-right in general because he believed in Separation of Church and State. He didn’t believe the job of government was to act as the national father and that Uncle Sam and perhaps Father Sam if the Christian-Right were to come to power, was to make sure that all of his children were living a traditional and their American way of life. And not doing anything that the Christian-Right sees as immoral, even if innocent people aren’t being hurt.

And yes President Reagan was tough on national security and foreign policy, but he believed in those things so America wouldn’t have to police the world. Rather than being as strong as we had to be so we could police the world. And Reagan believed in the same thing that Richard Nixon did when it came to foreign policy. Which is peace through strength, which is that you are as strong as you can be so you don’t have to use all of your power that you are so strong that other countries and terrorists would be crazy to want to attack you.

President Reagan didn’t believe in nation building, or have some right-wing utopian fantasy that we could change a part of the world that still lives in the 1500s culturally and still to a certain extent legally and modernize them and force liberal democracy and individual rights on them. Reagan’s national security and foreign policy was about American interests and strengths and protecting our freedom. Not forcing our way of life onto other countries that live light years behind us and still see women as servants to men.

As well as Reagan believing in that you had to work with your allies for the simple reasons that they know important things that you don’t, but also so you don’t have to police the world. A difference between an internationalist, liberal or conservative and a neoconservative, is the internationalist bases their national security and foreign policy based on realism and the facts on the ground. Sees the world for the way it is and does their best with those realities to make it the best that they can.

The neoconservative is the right-wing utopian. If they were left-wing they would be Socialists, but the right-wing utopian sees the world for the way they want it to be. And ignores reality or doesn’t understand it and does everything they can to make sure what they see in their political fantasy comes to real life for the rest of us that are sober and not needing mental therapy because of our sanity. And decides the utopian was right all along and that this is the way it is. Reagan was a realist, not a utopian.
The BM View: Real Time With Bill Maher- Ronald Reagan On Important Issues