Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mark Nowhereman: Biker Chick Heidi Runyon- OutTakes

Source: Mark Nowhereman- Biker Chick Heidi Runyon-
Source: Mark Nowhereman: Female Motorcycle Riding Instructor Outtakes

Here are outtakes from Heidi who apparently is a motorcycle instructor or at least a woman who rides motorcycles and perhaps helping her friend Mark out in shooting this video about how to ride motorcycles. She seems very adorable certainly looks adorable, but is she the cutest biker in the world. I couldn't tell you since I haven't seen all of the biker chicks in the world. (ha ha) But she's certainly a beautiful baby-face biker chick who I'm sure Mark loved working with.

Checking out girls on bikes is like checking out girls who are cowgirls or construction workers or playing guitar or on stage performing. It's checking out women who do traditional at least straight man oriented activities and sort  of looking at ourselves, but seeing beautiful sexy feminine women instead and most at least that I know of love seeing women do these activities that is sexy feminine women especially when they are this cute as well.