Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Miguel: Video: NBC Sports: NFL 1980-Super Bowl-Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Full Game

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Super Bowl 15, was a very interesting matchup between two very good football teams. The 1980 Raiders, perhaps one of the most talented teams on both sides of the ball to ever play in the Super Bowl. The 1980 Eagles, were very good, perhaps not deep in great talent, but with a lot of good players. The 1980 Raiders, might be the best 11-5 team that has ever played. They were 2-3 at one point that season and at around 500 at the half point of the season. Jim Plunkett, wasn’t their starting quarterback going into the season. Dan Pastorini, was their quarterback going into the season and got off to a bad start, as did the Raiders. And was replaced by Plunkett and the Raiders started to put it together and almost won the AFC West.

The Eagles, were already good in 78 and 79, making the NFC Playoffs both seasons. And saw 1980 as their season to step up and make a run at the Super Bowl. Especially with the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams both slipping and the Minnesota Vikings no longer a Super Bowl contender. The Redskins, struggling in the NFC East and hadn’t made the playoffs since 1976. 1980, was seen as the year for the Eagles, if they got past the Cowboys and won the NFC East. Which was a big goal of there’s. Win the East so they don’t have to play in the NFC Wildcard and win the NFC Divisional to get to the NFC Final. And Head Coach Dick Vermeil, put together a very tough physical blue-collar team. That played great defense and ran the ball real well and could throw the ball to keep defenses balanced.

I think this was a matchup of two of the toughest teams to ever play in the Super Bowl. That had great coaching and character and didn’t expect anyone to give them anything and worked very hard for everything that they accomplished. And they met in the Super Bowl, but I think there were several differences in this game that all favored the Raiders. Not just Super Bowl experience, but experience winning the Super Bowl. Twelve Raiders, were on the 1976 Raiders Super Bowl team. The Raiders also had more weapons on offense and could kill you with the pass and run. And the Raiders defense could take away the Eagles strength which was their power running and make them throw more than they wanted to. And throw when they didn’t want to and you see these differences in this game.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

GG Eden: Video: NBC Sports: NFL 1980-AFC Divisional: Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns: Full Game

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Especially if you consider the playing conditions of this playoff game between the Raiders and Browns, this is one of the best playoff games of all-time in NFL history. Cleveland, Ohio just from Lake Erie in January with snow on the ground, even though it didn’t snow in this game. Frigid conditions, Cleveland Municipal Stadium that wasn’t just an outdoor stadium, but an open air stadium as well. Where the lake was just off of the stadium and the end zone by the lake only had one deck of seats. So there wasn’t any protection from that part of the field from the cold air and wind. So you literally felt the frigid wind coming off of the lake in that stadium from that end zone.

Which meant this game was a defensive oriented ball control power run short throwing football game. And even though the Raiders were the road team and from Oakland and Northern California and the Browns were the home team from Cleveland, the style of football for this game favored the Raiders. Because they were a big strong physical team on both sides of the ball. That ran the ball and stuffed the run. Attacked the quarterback and protected the quarterback. The Browns were a finesse pass first team that was questionable on defense and prone to getting beat by big physical teams that ran the ball very well.

The Browns of the late 1970s were called the Cardiac Kids for a very good reason. Even though they were a good football team back then and had pretty if not very good players on both sides of the ball, they weren’t great back then. And didn’t overwhelm good teams because of how good they were. They didn’t blow good teams out because they gave up a lot of yards and sometimes points as well. And were also behind a lot late in games and having to come back. The Raiders on the other hand when they were in the playoffs, they tended to win and hammer their opponents and put them away convincingly.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeff Eeee: Charmed- Shannen Doherty in Leather Jeans and Boots

Source: Jeff Eeee- Shannen Doherty & Holly Marie Combs-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

More reasons why Shannen Doherty should’ve been on Charmed longer than she was. To go along with being the very beautiful and adorable, sexy wonderful actress that she is. She was clearly the best actress on that show. And even though that show never had a great actress on it, they at least the original women on the show were all very good. Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs to go along with Shannen are all very good, but Shannen was the best. And she also looked great on it and took chances with her wardrobe that unfortunately a lot of other sexy American actress’s wouldn’t have. Like in this video with the leather jeans and boots and wearing that outfit to work on the show.

Charmed, might have been the only prime time drama/comedy soap opera, that had their actress’s in leather jeans on a regular basis in the late 1990s and early 2000s in America. The show went on the air in 1998 and this episode is from the first season. Leather jeans on women at least, had a little run during this time. But the low-rise designer denim jeans for women came out in during this period. And those denim jeans just got tighter by to the point in the mid 2000s sexy American women were now wearing skinny denims and skin-tight denims. And fell in love with them and wore those jeans everywhere, including to the office and out to dinner and everywhere else practically.

But on Charmed, you got to see beautiful sexy women in tight leather jeans. Skinny and skin-tight, at least in Shannen Doherty’s case. Because she has the body to pull the look and look great in them. And not have to worry about looking too thin or overweight in them. With her butt looking flabby, or belly sticking out. Or her crack sticking out when she sits down or stands up, because her body fit so well in those leather jeans. And she looked great in those jeans as a result. And it would just be nice if other shows like Charmed had the same sense of style for their actress’s as Charmed did. Because leather jeans when they fit right, look great on sexy women.
Jeff Eeee: WB's Charmed- Shannen Doherty in Leather Jeans and Boots

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Harrie- Dutch TV: Elle Van Rijn- in Leather Jeans: Second Edition

Source: FRS Daily Post- Dutch actress Elle Van Rijn-
Source: The New Democrat Plus

I don’t have a clue what Elle Van Rign or the other actors on this show were saying. I speak very little German and at best only enough to have an idea what people are saying when they’re speaking German. Let alone speak any Dutch other than Neder and Nederland, which translates into Dutch and Netherlands. Those damn English! Taking beautiful German and Dutch words and turning them into words that sound almost nothing like what they sound in their native languages. And completely anglicizing Germanic words. Whether they are German or Dutch. And I’m half-joking here, but that is a bit of an annoyance that I have with the English as a Germanic person of German descent.

But the Dutch actors on this show especially Elle Van Rign sounded very good whatever they were saying. But to be completely honest, I’m not posting this because I’m interested in learning Neder or Dutch. But because of Elle Van Rign and how she looked. As I said yesterday, leather jeans are fairly common at least with European women in Europe. Especially in Germany and France and Italy and perhaps Holland or Nederland as well. Maybe the women over there have better curves or better bodies, than they do in America. I doubt that, but they do seem to be more confident in their own bodies and how they present themselves in public, like on national TV. And this show is an example of that.

The thing or issue with leather jeans, especially skinny leathers, or skin-tight leathers, is that they’re more revealing than even skin-tight denim jeans or skinny denims. They highlight one’s physical attributes or flaws even more. That is why they’re probably not that popular in America. Because Americans tend to be somewhat sensitive with their private parts and it is harder to find the right leather jeans for one’s body. There’s also a cultural aspect to them where in America leather jeans seemed to only be for rockers or bikers male or female. And perhaps for Western culture. But in Europe, they’re considered mainstream trousers at least for sexy men and women. Like Elle Van Rign who has a great body for either leather or denim jeans.
Harrie: Ellen Van Rijn in Tight Leather Jeans

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Harrie: Dutch Soap Opera- Elle Van Rijn in Leather Jeans

Harrie-Ellen Van Rijn-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

It’s rare that you’ll see American women on TV and even in movies unless they are musical artists like rocker chicks, or biker chicks, wearing tight leather jeans, or leather pants in general. European women I guess are just more liberal when it comes to their wardrobes. Especially in public and perhaps more confident in how they look in leather. American women, especially sexy women, love seeing themselves in denim jeans of course and tight denims, skinny denims and skin-tight denims.

American women have made the tight skinny denim look not just popular in America, but around the world in general. But again its rare outside of rock and roll culture and biker culture to see women in tight leather jeans. Rocker women, tend to be more rebellious and more risk-taking than American women in general. But with European women on TV and in their movies, leather jeans probably not as popular as denim jeans in Germany, to use as an example, but they’re fairly common over there. Like with what see in this video with the hot baby-faced, but sexy actress Elle Van Rign. Who looks great in leather jeans.

There have been exceptions to this rule in America. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the prime time soap opera Charmed had their women in tight leather jeans on a regular basis. Both Shannon Doherty and Holly Marie Combs wore them on that show and looked great in them. Because they’re both beautiful, but they also have nice legs and a nice butt. Which you must have to pull leather jeans off. Because they are more revealing than denim. And if you’re really overweight or, rail-thin, you’ll look even worst in leather jeans than even denim jeans or regular trousers. But leather jeans have never been very popular in America, as they are in Europe.
Elle Van Rijn: Dutch Soap Opera- Elle Van Rijn in Leather Jeans

Friday, April 10, 2015

GG Eden: Video: NBC Sports: NFL 1980-Wildcard-Houston Oilers @ Oakland Raiders: Full Game

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On paper this looked like a great matchup and great game. Two physical hard-hitting teams with big offensive lines who play very good defense and run the ball very well. As well as having two very good quarterbacks in Ken Stabler for the Oilers, who of course use to play of the Raiders for so long. And Jim Plunkett for the Raiders, who finally got a chance to play for a good winning team. And one of if not the best all around teams in the NFL in 1980. All Plunkett needed was a good shot with a good team and he could show everyone how great a quarterback he really was.

This game was exactly that for the first three-quarters of it. Raiders up 10-7 after three-quarters and the Raiders went to work and not just dominated the Oilers defensively like they did for the first three-quarters, but their great defense turned into points as well. Scoring seventeen points in the fourth quarter and turning a very good close game into a blowout. 1980 was supposed to be the year for the Houston Oilers with the Pittsburgh Steelers not even making the AFC Playoffs. After dominating the 1970s. But it was the Raiders that instead stepped up and won the AFC and Super Bowl.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GG Eden: Video: NBC Sports: NFL 1977-AFC Final-Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos: Full Game

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With all due respect to the 1977 Denver Broncos, even though this game was played in Denver, this is one of the biggest upsets in NFC conference final history. If you look at the two teams and the two squads, the Raiders clearly had a better team man for man and as far as talent. The Broncos might not even had a single Pro Bowler on offense. The Raiders had four Hall of Famers on offense alone. OT Art Shell, OG Gene Upshaw, WR Fred Biletnikoff and TE Dave Casper. Arguably and I believe the best all around TE of all-time. The Raiders should have at least two other Hall of Famers on offense. QB Ken Stabler and WR Cliff Branch.

What the Broncos had in 1977 and really all the way even perhaps through the Dan Reeves era in the 1980s, but defensively not as good, was a great defense. Especially their linebackers, in Randy Gradishar, who should be in the Hall of Fame. Tom Jackson, Bob Swenson and Joe Rizzo. And Pro Bowler DL Paul Smith, Barney Chavous, Pro Bowler Lyle Alzado, who should probably get consideration for the Hall of Fame. NT Rubin Carter, who was a stud in the middle. Which you must have in order to play a 3-4. Louis Wright and Steve Foley in the secondary. They didn’t need a lot of talent on offense, because they didn’t need to score a lot of points. They only gave up ten points a game.

Going into this game, you would have to think the Raiders simply because they had a very good if not great all around team and the defending Super Bowl champions, would be the clear favorite in this game. Great quarterback, the best offensive line in football, great running game with Mark Van Egan and Clarence Davis. Great receivers and one of the best defenses in the NFL. That this would be the year we finally got to see the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Which would’ve been a classic in 1977, but the Broncos defense could shut anyone down. And then score enough points to win the game. And you can see it for yourself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GG Eden: Video: NBC Sports: NFL 1975-AFC Final-Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Full Game

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This was the second of three-straight AFC Finals that the Raiders and Steelers played against each other. 1974-76, Steelers won the first two and the Raiders finally broke through after losing six straight AFC Finals from 68-75. Six in eight years and this game in 75 was one of the better games in this rivalry, which I believe was the best rivalry in the 1970s in the NFL. Especially conference rivalry and between teams from different divisions. Even better than the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry in the NFC. Because these teams were better and they were playing in the playoffs every year and played three conference finals against each other.

Rivalries are only good and even real if the teams are good. And great rivalries are only great if the teams are great. And that is what separates the Raiders-Steelers rivalry from I believe the rest that we’ve seen ever. Because in the 1970s both teams year after year only had one goal, which was to win the Super Bowl. And they knew if they were going to do that they were going to have to beat the other team. Probably in the AFC Final just to get to the Super Bowl. Two very tough well coached teams, that both had power running games. That both had vertical passing games and great quarterbacks.

Both teams were very similar that they won by beating their opponents up. Running the ball right at the defense and doing it over and over and having very tough defense that could stuff the run, attack the quarterback and pound the receivers in the secondary. But they did it differently which gave fans something else to se. The Raiders, with their 3-4 defense that would use their DL to occupy the offensive line and have their linebackers make the plays and blitz the quarterback. The Steelers, were a 4-3 two-gap defense that could attack the QB and stuff the run just with their great defensive line. And play their linebackers and DB’s deep. And these teams were great at what they did, similar in how they did, but different enough to make their games even more interesting.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Museum Syndicate: Video: Longines Chronoscope: Interview With Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1952

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This is 1952, so the Democrat Party still controls Congress both the House and Senate, as well as the White House with President Harry Truman. Republicans won a clean sweep in 1952 and won back the White House and both chambers of Congress. Which meant Senator Joe McCarthy would become Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee in the next Congress in 1953. And that is how the Army-McCarthy hearings go started in 1953 and went up to 1954 or so. When the American people and Senate Republicans along with Democrats got tired of Chairman McCarthy and his McCarthyism hearings. And they shut him down and censured him.

As far as Corliss LaMont with the American Labor Party. He was a Democratic Socialist, but further Left than Norman Thomas. Who ran for President several times for the Socialist Party. Norman Thomas was a Democratic Socialist in the European sense. Combining private enterprise with democratic socialism and the welfare state. Private sector with a large public sector that provides people with most of the basic necessities of life that we all need to live well. While the private sector provides things that people want and what makes us happy. And where people are allowed to keep their homes, cars, small business’s even. Corliss LaMont want government owning and operating the business sector, as well as the social welfare sector.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

USA Survival: Allan Ryskind- 'Exposes The Hollywood Traitors'

Source: USA Survival- Allan Ryskind-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Who are these people making the case that there weren’t Communists and Socialists in Hollywood? Of course there were and still are today! Some of them are self-described as Socialists and supporters of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Fidel Castro in Cuba. Sean Penn and Michael Moore, would be excellent examples of that. But we aren’t talking about the Rosenberg’s here who were put to death for espionage in favor of the Soviet Union against the United States. We are talking people who support an economic and political system that is much further left than our liberal democratic private enterprise system.

Socialists and Communists in and out of Hollywood like Cornel West and Angela Davis, support completely transforming the American liberal democratic federal form of government. Where so much is expected out of the individual to take care of themselves and live in their own freedom. And creating an economic and governmental system where the national government would have a lot more responsibility for looking after the welfare of the people and taking care of them. They don’t want to turn America into a Soviet style authoritarian state. But create a social democratic state where the central government has a lot more responsibility for the people’s welfare. Similar to Scandinavia.

The so-called Hollywood Reds of the 1940s and 50s were very similar . They had their own Far-Left political beliefs and spoke out in favor of socialist causes in America. But weren’t traitors to their country and looking to overthrow it and certainly didn’t try to do that. But simply use their First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights to advocate for socialist causes in America. And move America into a more socialist direction. But with the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee, you would think these Hollywood workers were secret spies for Russia or something. Trying to overthrow the American liberal democratic form of government.
USA Survival: Allan Ryskind- 'Exposes The Hollywood Traitors'